5 Ways To Combat Aging Skin

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Written By Paisley Hansen / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Most people don't want to deal with wrinkles or aging skin, however, it is often something that can become an issue sooner or later. That doesn't mean, though, that there is nothing you can do to help prevent these kinds of issues.

While genetics do play a role, there are many things that you do throughout the day that can have an impact on your skin. From something like making sure you get enough water, to using sunscreen when you go outside, there are many small choices you can make that may have a positive effect on your skin health and appearance.  Here are a few things you can do to help keep your skin from becoming damaged or looking old before its time.

Stay Hydrated

It may be common knowledge that staying hydrated can be good for health overall, but what some may not know is that it can also be important when it comes to maintaining the health of your skin. Ensuring that you get enough water can help keep skin cells lubricated, which in turn can help your skin to maintain both some elasticity and plumpness.

The more elasticity your skin has, the less likely you are to develop crepey skin – skin that looks thin and finely wrinkled like crepe paper - or wrinkles.

Get The Right Nutrients

Along with drinking plenty of water, making sure that you are getting the proper nutrients from your diet can help you to avoid signs of premature aging as well. Nutrients such as vitamin C and E are especially helpful in maintaining healthy skin, as are omega 3's and antioxidants. While you can get these nutrients from vitamins, getting them from your diet may be more effective, and may also make these nutrients easier for your body to digest and assimilate.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

While gaining or losing a small amount of weight may not affect your skin noticeably, gaining and losing large amounts of weight can leave your skin looking saggy. Changing weight could cause your skin to undergo more changes as well, leading to extra stress on your skin.

This kind of extra stress can make it more difficult for your skin to maintain its elasticity and youthful appearance. Additionally, working out and healthy eating, which can be important parts of maintaining a healthy weight can also contribute to healthy skin.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

Getting too much sun is another thing that can have a negative impact on skin and its appearance. Overexposure to sun can cause damage to skin that can lead to discoloration, and age spots, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Making sure that you protect your skin by either applying a lotion with SPF or by wearing garments suchas a hat or visor can help to ensure that you are guarding your facial skin from the sun's damaging rays.

Have A Quality Skincare Routine

While a good skincare routine shouldn't be the only thing you rely on to keep your skin looking healthy, it can be an important part of your skin health regimen. Washing your skin regularly can be a good way to remove dead skin cells that can make your skin look older than it is. Also, making sure that you moisturize your skin regularly can help it to stay hydrated and potentially reduce the likelihood of developing fine lines and wrinkles prematurely.

The Bottom Line

Even if you take some precautions to protect your skin, no one is completely immune from the possibility of developing aging or wrinkled skin. However, taking a look at your habits and adding some new strategies into your skin care routine may help you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as prevent skin from aging before its time.

So, whether your skin is looking tip top, or could use a little help, making some small adjustments to your lifestyle and your skincare regimen may go a long way toward keeping your skin looking its best for a long time to come.

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