4 Ways To Keep Skin Hydrated

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Hydrated skin is one of the things that can quickly go by the wayside in the cold, dry winter months. It's so much easier to make sure the skin is hydrated when its warm because we naturally drink more water, get more exercise and slather our bodies with sunscreen.

Winter skin can be one of the worst things to combat as skin can get dry, peel, become irritated and even start to look muted or pale in tone. There are ways to successfully nourish and feed your skin all the nutrients that it requires in order to be fully hydrated and smooth throughout the entire year. 


Make sure you moisturize twice a day. Depending on the state of your skin, you may have to opt for a thicker moisturizer during the winter months to combat the weather. It's also important to choose a moisturizer with proper vitamins within it and natural ingredients.

There are some ingredients present in skin care products that actually do the opposite of what the product claims. Certain elements can be harsh and drying while promising to be moisturizing. Watch out for those pesky ingredients.


The dead skin cells that sit along the face can become increasingly troublesome if you don't exfoliate the face enough. Some people that suffer from dryness or irritation feel that continuing to exfoliate the face when it needs hydration is counter productive.

It isn't. The exfoliating practice helps to clear away all of the dead skin and particles that may be inhibiting your moisturizer from really deeply penetrating and hydrating your skin like it should. Make sure to immediately moisturize after this practice. Also make sure to pay extra attention to lips, under eyes and neck. These places often go overlooked, but are usually highly affected by the need for moisture.

Concentrate On Dry Areas

There will be areas of your face that are much drier and more affected than others. It is suggested that you hydrate your face with a hydrating mask, in addition to the moisturizing and exfoliating steps. Also, spot treat your driest areas with moisturizing oils such as grape seed or rose oil. These oils will combat the rough dryness of your problem areas and give them some needed attention.

Eat Well

The skin craves certain nutrients that you wouldn't ever put directly on the skin topically. But that's okay because your skin can benefit from these things from the inside out. What we choose to put in our mouths and in our bodies greatly affects how our skin looks and feels on the outside.

There are foods that have vitamins and minerals that naturally support and increase the hydration of the skin. Things like berries and spinach are great sources of skin- strengthening vitamins A and E. The healthy fats known as omega-3's, which can be found in salmon, walnuts, flax seed or simply in vitamin form, are another big skin booster. You must take care of your skin in order for it to flourish the way that it naturally should. 

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