3 Ways To Minimize Scar Tissue

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

If you’re in the process of healing from an injury, you may experience scarring. The skin left behind as the body heals rarely looks or feels like your normal skin. If you have scars on your body or face from surgery, an accident, or another reason it’s natural to research ways to reduce them.

Regain confidence in the skin you're in by using these three tips to help you minimize scar tissues:

Use Aloe Vera

Using aloe vera gel can help minimize swelling and redness to any new scars. Soon after an injury or surgery, apply aloe vera gel and then again before you go to bed at night. While many products contain aloe vera, it’s best to use organic aloe vera to prevent scar tissue from forming.

Keep in mind that organic aloe also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you reduce redness and inflammation. Likewise, this plant can minimize irritation around your wound as well. If you bruise easily, keeping an aloe vera plant at home is an effective way to produce your own organic supply of this healing ointment.

Try Keloid Treatment

A keloid is scarring that occurs in response to injury to connective tissue. To treat keloids, look for products that contain fish oil or retinol. This type of keloid treatment will help to fade and reduce scarring over time.

Additionally, continue to treat keloids by making sure your clothing and sheets aren't too tight on your skin as this can lead to irritation. In addition to treatment and taking preventative measures, consider talking with a professional about surgical removal.

Massage the Scar

Massaging your scar tissue can help you reduce its appearance. Regular massages will help improve circulation, reduce pain, and prevent fluid buildup. Do this regularly, two to three times using lotion or coconut oil.

As you massage your scar tissue, work on tender spots for 15 minutes at a time. Consider using massage tools made to reduce scar tissue. When using tools, massage with light taps then go harder as you work to stimulate circulation while avoiding further injury.

Scars are a natural response to injury. Though scarring is part of the healing process, your scar tissue needn’t stay with you forever. Keep this guide in mind to keep your skin healthy and make sure your scar tissue is on its way out.

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Anica Oaks is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor related. You can connect with Anica on Twitter @AnicaOaks.

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