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Sensitive teeth are a common concern among adults and some children. Many things can cause sensitive teeth, but often the solutions and treatments will be the same no matter the cause. They must be treated with gentle brushing, a sensitive toothpaste that will help strengthen enamel, regular dental visits, and regular flossing and brushing. While avoiding some hot or cold foods can help to reduce the pain occurrences it will not address the root cause.

Enamel Protection

Tooth sensitivity is most often caused by cavities or the thinning or destruction of the enamel of the teeth. Sometimes this damage is close to the gum and can even leave the root of the tooth exposed. That kind of damage must be treated by a dentist as soon as possible and may result in a root canal or removal of the tooth, however, the smaller cavities and thinning of the enamel have easier treatments. By brushing twice a day and flossing, the enamel can be protected. There are also some enamel-building toothpastes available. This can slow the spread of the pain and damage. Having small cavities filled also keeps them from becoming worse or leading to tooth loss.

Dental Cleanings

Dental visits and cleanings allow the dentist to find any concerns early and address them appropriately. They also allow for the proper cleaning and removal of all plaque and tartar build-up that regular brushing does not. This reduces tooth sensitivity by removing the build-up that is causing the irritation and protects the enamel which helps to avoid further sensitivity. Gentle brushing and flossing will remove residue and any particles of food that can irritate the teeth and gums, which also helps to reduce the risk of gum disease and further sensitivity and pain.

Sensitive Toothpaste

The easiest treatment for tooth sensitivity is a sensitive toothpaste. These are formulated to help reduce the irritation and help strengthen enamel. They contain ingredients that are known to reduce any swelling and inflammation around the teeth and gums, which allows them to have lower pain levels and become irritated less. Some people simply have more sensitive teeth and a thinner enamel, and they are often born with such, generally through genetic causes. A dentist may provide a treatment that coats the teeth in a preventative solution that is gently painted on and provides and extra layer of protection for sensitive teeth and helps to strengthen enamel.

While many people suffer with sensitive teeth, there are many treatment options that can improve this a little, or in some cases can cause drastic improvements. It is important to consult with your dentist to find the right solution for you. From sensitive toothpastes, fillings, and treatments, there is hope for all those with sensitive teeth.

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