Senior Dental Care: Issues You May Encounter In Your Golden Years

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Written By Ella Brown / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Aging is inevitable. With time and as you age, your body and immune system become more vulnerable to potential health risks. And let’s be honest, no one would want to spend their golden years taking trips to the emergency rooms in the middle of the night. According to health experts, elderly dental care is essential for seniors to maintain their overall quality of life.

That’s why in this article, we are going to emphasize the importance of dental care and potential issues you may encounter in your senior years. Keep reading to know more about it.

Tooth discoloration

With age, your teeth start losing their charm. It affects your overall appearance and makes you conscious of your smile. Tooth discoloration takes place when the outer layer of the enamel gets worn off and exposes the yellow dentin. It could also be because of the lifetime consumption of stain-causing beverages and food items.

To get rid of it, you can opt for over-the-counter whiteners, which are readily available in the form of tooth-shaped trays. For better results, you can also opt for professional whitening or dental bonding.

Darkened teeth could also be a sign of an underlying condition. So, it would be best to get it checked by your dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth loss

Even after a lifetime of dental checkups and regular maintenance, tooth loss might come as an upsetting surprise for many. For the elderly, tooth loss is a natural occurrence and is a part of the entire aging process.

You’ll be surprised to know that nearly 27 percent of Americans have lost almost all their teeth by the age of 65. But the good news is that you can get through this dental issue by opting for implants.

Dental implants are long-term solutions for missing teeth by acting as permanent replacements. According to a spokesperson at a dental implants orange county clinic, implants are made up of titanium which has a unique ability to fuse to your living bone and become a functional part of it. This in turn, will help you restore your smile in the most natural way possible.

Denture-induced stomatitis

Dental experts have noticed that the senior population often wears dentures, which makes them more prone to denture-induced stomatitis.

In simple words, the infection is caused by yeast, fungus, or a high concentration of microbes known as candida. Fortunately, the infection is non-communicable, but it ends up affecting your gingival mucosa and palatal. The infection can also be a cause of ill-fitting dentures, poor hygiene, or built-up bacteria.

The only possible way to treat the condition is to go for a thorough cleaning and removal of the dentures. Dental experts recommend that seniors remove their dentures at least once every day and get them cleaned properly.

In the end

Taking proper care of your dental health can help you speak, eat, and, best of all, smile without feeling uncomfortable. So, steer clear of these dental issues and live your golden years just the way you always dreamt of.

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