Candida - What Is It And How Do You Treat It?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts
Candida is a form of yeast that is most likely to cause an infection. It is normally present in people and some animals, and can be present without causing any issues, but occasionally breaks into an infection. There are certain factors that increase the chance of this type of yeast infection such as antibiotics, high sugar intake, or a compromised immune system.

Healthy Bacteria

This fungus grows like any other, off of the nutrients and supplies around it. To help reduce the yeast growth remove the things that help it grow. Healthy bacteria in the digestive system can reduce the growth of candida and keep it contained and controlled. This is achieved by eating a healthy and balanced diet, and by adding probiotics to your diet through food or supplements. Yogurt and similar foods are good sources for probiotics, and there are several supplements available. Limiting sugar can also reduce the occurrence of candida yeast infections by not feeding it more sugar that would encourage growth and multiplying, and by helping the body to stay healthy and fight off potential infections before it becomes a concern.


Maintaining full body and digestive health is important not only to avoid candida infections but to keep other health concerns dormant. Allowing health concerns such as diabetes to be uncontrolled will lower the body’s ability to fight off infection and to maintain balance, which will lead to increased infections including candida. The immune system is centered on a healthy body and must be supported to be able to fight off potential infections and illness from forming or growing. To support the immune system best a balanced diet is a must, but also regular exercise and care for underlying health issues. Any uncontrolled health concerns leave the body more susceptible to infection and illness.


This particular yeast infection is most likely to appear in certain strains and types, and more likely to occur in some places and not others. Thrush is a very common form of candida yeast infection that occurs in the mouth and throat, often in children or people who wear dentures. This makes dental health an important focus to reduce the ideal conditions in which growth occurs. Dentures and other dental appliances should be cleaned daily and properly maintained. Teeth must be brushed and flossed regularly in order to keep candida growth controlled and within healthy limits.

Most infections caused by candida are easily treated with antifungal medications including creams or oral medications, and even intravenous treatments as needed. As with many other things it is easiest to treat when caught in the early stages and the treatments can be started immediately. Avoiding infections and keep the levels of candida at a low level of growth by maintaining a healthy diet, maintaining the probiotics in the digestive system, and controlling other health concerns. This is a very common yeast that is often present and generally doesn’t cause any issues or concerns, though it can cause yeast infections when the correct conditions occur.

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