Popular Adult Braces And Aligners Myths Debunked

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Written By Ella Brown / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Healthy teeth are the mainstay of good health, while a winning smile makes you a more confident person. You must have perfectly aligned teeth for both, but most people miss out on them. Structural problems are more common than ever, and adults are as likely to face them as the younger lot.

Thankfully, braces and aligners can get you a step closer to the best dental health and aesthetics. But the idea of having them on as an adult may sound daunting. Additionally, some myths may stop you from proceeding with orthodontic treatment at an older age. Let us debunk them for you so that you can go ahead without any doubts and apprehensions.

Myth #1 - Braces are for kids

Since you will probably see kids and teens wearing braces and aligners, it is easy to believe they are not for adults. The truth is that more and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment these days. The growing awareness about oral health and hygiene is the main reason.

Crooked and misaligned teeth go beyond affecting your smile and self-esteem. They are harder to clean, making you more vulnerable to dental issues and related health conditions as you age. It makes sense to invest in braces treatment as an adult so that you can avoid dire problems as you grow older. Moreover, it is never too late to correct your smile and dental health.

Myth #2 - Orthodontic treatment is slow

Typically, you will have to wear your braces and aligners for a few months to get visible results. However, the treatment can last longer depending on the extent of misalignment. An experienced Orthodontist can give a fairly accurate estimate about the treatment span before you get started.

You can ask for cost and timelines to have realistic expectations right from the beginning. The good thing is that advancement in dental technologies makes the outcomes faster than before. If you are regular with your appointments and comply with expert recommendations, your braces will be off sooner than you imagine.

Myth #3 - Braces will hurt

If you have been avoiding treatment just because it may hurt, you need not worry about the pain factor. Modern orthodontic treatment methods offer the best outcomes gently and effectively. You may come across minor issues like general oral irritation, loose brackets, and occasional tenderness in your mouth or gums after your sessions.

Apart from these side effects, there is not much you need to stress about. As long as you have a specialist treating you, braces and aligners wouldn’t hurt. Even if there is some soreness, a saltwater rinse can offer easy and quick relief from the problem.

With these popular myths about adult braces and aligners debunked, it will be easier to go ahead with your treatment. Consider starting at the earliest so that you can steer clear of problems like tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis in the long run. Just find a reputed orthodontic clinic around you and get started right away. It is a worthy investment you can make for your oral health and confidence.

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