Missing Teeth - When And How To Go About Replacing Them

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Missing teeth can not only lower confidence but also affect how people chew their food. There are many reasons for teeth to be missing, including large cavities, infections including abscesses, and injuries. When replacing a missing tooth or teeth, there are a few options.

Teeth should be replaced at the appropriate time. For some that is after the gums have healed slightly; in other cases it is done soon after tooth loss occurs. This may be affected by which method is chosen for the replacement.

A set of dentures can be used fairly soon after most tooth removal procedures, but may be uncomfortable during the healing process of the gums.

A dental implant is done in a few steps, with time for healing in between, to let the post set and become stabilized before the tooth itself is installed.

A dental bridge can be created based upon a mold of the area and attached to surrounding teeth, so it may be installed after a period of healing as the bridge itself is constructed.

Bridge to replace missing teeth

A dental bridge is created from a crown for each tooth surrounding the gap or missing tooth or teeth, and then a crown is attached for each missing tooth. These are created to fit the space as needed and installed permanently. They will require extra care but should last for several years if cared for properly.

Implant to replace missing teeth

A dental implant is installed permanently and may even last a lifetime. The post is placed and fuses to the bone, after which a replacement tooth is created an installed to fit in place of the missing tooth. These will not require any different care then the original teeth and are strong enough to last several years.

Dentures to replace missing teeth

Dentures can be constructed as a partial to span a space of a few missing teeth, or one missing tooth, or they can be created to replace all of the teeth. They are created from a mold and made to look like natural teeth.

These can be removed at night for cleaning and to rest the gums and then be put back into place in the morning. These are easily cleaned in a denture bath and can last several years if cared for well. Occasionally food can become stuck between the denture and the gums so care must be taken.

When a tooth is missing, or before one is removed, it is important to discuss replacement options with your dentist to choose the right replacement and the timing of that replacement. Finding the correct solution for each situation is key as every situation is different and there will be one that fits best for each person.

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