Wearing Dentures Doesn't Have To Be Painful

The type of discomfort sometimes associated with wearing dentures can be downright discouraging. Initially though, most people who wear dentures will experience some type of pain or discomfort. This is due to the fact that there is a foreign object in the mouth that the teeth, tongue, gums and the roof of the mouth must get used to. Depending on if the individual is wearing full or partial dentures, the amount of discomfort may vary. Another cause of pain sometimes felt by those who wear dentures is an inadequate hygiene regimen.

Those who wear partial dentures sometimes report feeling irritation on the gums from the piece that secures to the base of the teeth. If partial dentures are not fitted properly this can definitely be an issue. Its important to get both partial and full dentures that fit the mouth properly, to avoid experiencing too much discomfort. There are many ointments and gels that can be used alongside denture adhesive that will soothe irritated gums or any type of pain felt while wearing dentures.

Oral Hygiene Practices

Another way to prevent pain for denture wearers is to be vigilant about oral hygiene practices. Bacteria can cause real problems in any mouth. But it is especially important, for those who are wearing dentures, to clean their mouths thoroughly. Food particles can get stuck on the underside of dentures and cause bacteria that can turn infectious if not properly cleaned. Maintaining optimum oral health while wearing dentures can be achieved by rinsing the mouth with bacteria eliminating mouth wash and soaking dentures in a denture cleaner.

Additionally, dentures do need to be replaced after a period of time. Well-made dentures will last anywhere from five to seven years. If the pain starts after wearing the same set of dentures for a few years, its best to have a dentist examine them for effectiveness. Also, it is important to note how dentures should be cleaned. Brushing dentures with toothpaste is not advised. The ingredients in common toothpastes are much too abrasive to be used to clean dentures. Using mild soap and warm water, along with denture cleaner, is recommended instead.

One of the more serious causes from dentures is something called denture stomatitis. This is something that generally only happens to those who dont clean their mouths and dentures thoroughly enough. Denture stomatitis is a yeast or thrush infection of the mouth. It can affect the entirety of the mouth, jaw and lower face. It also causes incredibly painful soreness. This is obviously an extreme case and not typical, but it is possible so taking good care of the mouth and dentures is of paramount importance.


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