Benefits Of CoQ10 For Gum Disease

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The best way to prevent issues such as gum disease or other dental health problems is by following a thorough dental hygiene routine. If you have neglected your mouth to the point that gum disease is imminent, you have to change your game plan and opt for things that are actually going to target the microorganisms that affect the diseased parts of the gums. Thankfully, there are options. CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is great for treating gum disease. It has a naturally occurring substance known as quinines, which generate energy by the use of oxygen. CoQ10 works as an antioxidant that prevents the damage that free radicals do to cells.

Restore Healthy Cells

The problem with the prevalence of gum disease in westernized culture is that there is an intrinsic deficiency of Coenzyme Q10 within the gum tissue cell itself. This makes it more vulnerable and susceptible to gum disease. So what the coenzyme does is fortify the gum tissue to make it more resistant to the microorganisms and bacteria that cause plaque, which turns into tarter which causes inflamed, receding gums and gum disease.

Repair Damaged Gum Tissue

Researchers found that CoQ10 is also helpful and incredibly instrumental in the treatment of gum disease. The presence of this element is shown to improve the gum levels in diseased mouths effectively restoring them. They found that the overall look and health of the gums that had been diseased prior were increased exponentially. So not only does it treat the underlining causes but can also have a hand in effectively correcting the damaged tissue.

Antioxidant And Bio-Energizer

These are two things that help to positively eradicate the presence of gum disease and many other health issues. The CoQ10 is able to kill off the bad bacteria and also suppress the inflammation that so often comes along with gum disease. The bio-energizer is able to provide the tissue with the nutrients that are required for healed, strong healthy gums. It provides the mouth just what it is lacking from a nutritional and fundamental standpoint. It produces the necessary energy that helps the body, or in this case the gums, perform at their very best.

Neutralize Bacteria Caused By Sugar

There's a reason your dentist and mother always told you that candy would make your teeth rot. This is because bacteria's very favorite thing to use as a breeding ground is sugar. This harmful bacteria can actually be directly transmitted from your gums from your bloodstream to the rest of your body. Thankfully, CoQ10 has the ability to kill this bacteria right in its tracks. So as well as eliminating excess sugar from your diet - this also includes yummy carbs because those turn into sugar after digested - you should opt for supplementing with CoQ10 to ensure that your gum disease is dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. 

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