The Most Dangerous Foods In Your Fridge


The problem that most people have with mayo is in the proportions. Truthfully, it isnt that bad when youre using a teaspoon or two as directed. However, the majority of mayo-niacs load it on much thicker than that. This can pile up the calories and fat in a hurry. Better options are lower calorie condiments like mustard, BBQ sauce, or even light mayonnaise.


Lunch meat
Processed meats may seem lean, but they often include loads of sodium and preservatives. There is also an increased risk of colon cancer now linked to the chemical preservatives that are frequently used in lunch meats. The sodium content in some lunch meats can be staggering, up close to 500mg in some cases. Try roasting your own meat for sandwiches, or look for deli brands lower in sodium and nitrates that are contributors to high blood pressure and heart disease.


Salad dressing
Two tablespoons of any creamy salad dressing can add 12 grams of fat and 120 calories to your salad. Kind of defeating the purpose isnt it? Whats worse is that most people use twice that amount of dressing. Downsizing to the two tablespoon recommendation is a good idea, but even better is going for a lighter dressing in the first place to get fewer calories.


Frozen French fries
Most people keep some sort of frozen potato side dish handy as theyre usually good accompaniment for any of the three meals of the day. One small serving of the traditional potato products like French fries or tater tots can contain 10 grams of fat and over 500mg of sodium in a 3 oz serving. Take the time to bake or roast potatoes to take advantage of the nutrients they contain.


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