Stop Snoring Naturally

Cut Out Dairy
Dairy products are not only difficult for the body to digest, but they can cause weakness in the muscles in the wind pipe and cause snoring. Dairy leaves behind a trail of mucus in the body, and that dampness can weaken the soft palate. It also is a leading cause of fatty tissue around the neck, which can also lead to snoring.

Go Bananas
Research from the University of New England in New South Wales, Australia indicates that a compound that is found in bananas can help keep the throat open and reduce airway pressure, thus reducing snoring. There seems to be a higher level of these compounds when the bananas are blended than when eaten whole, so try them in a shake or smoothie.

Sing Your Heart Out
A British study of 20 snorers had the subjects perform vocal exercises for 20 minutes a day for 3 months. More than half of the test subjects reported less snoring. The study conductors seem to believe that these vocal exercises helped the participants control the muscles of the soft palate and upper throat and thus reduced their snoring.

Change Your Pillow
Your snoring problem may simply lie in your beat-up and worn-out pillow. It's best to sleep on a pillow that will elevate your head, since this slightly raised angle will not only align the head and neck but will also open nasal passages -- two factors that can reduce snoring.



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