What Is Marjoram Essential Oil?

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If you were to ask a roomful of people what marjoram oil was, many would look around confused. The oil is not well known in many circles, even in ones that know quite a bit about holistic lifestyles and essential oil benefits. The marjoram essential oil is an aromatic herb that comes directly from the mint family. It is indigenous to Arabia and Egypt.

Many people aren't aware that this name is actually the official moniker for what we call oregano. That's right, the herb that you regularly cook with is actually dried marjoram. What most people don't know is that it has tremendous health benefits aside from its flavoring ability.


Marjoram can be used to help a loved one who suffers from snoring. Whether it's you or your spouse that snores heavily, this oil can potentially help curb the issue. Taking a couple of deep breaths of the oil right before bed, is said to help those who struggle with snoring loudly throughout the night. Another option is to use it in a humidifier or diffuser before bed. Put 10 drops of the marjoram oil and 10 drops of lavender oil in any type of vaporizer and allow it to fill the air. The snorer with breathe it naturally throughout the night and the snoring severity will lessen as time goes on. The oil also helps with sound sleep, so you'll be potentially combating two issues at once.


The oil is also quite effective for headache pain. The inflammation that usually causes the head to hurt can be lessened by the oil. The pain that is often experienced because of tooth infections is also diminished by the use of the oil. You can add food grade oil to your tea and put some honey in it to sweeten it, or you can rub a bit of the oil on your temples to alleviate the pain in your head. The same tactic can potentially work for a toothache. Make sure to rub the oil on the gum where the tooth is emitting the most pain.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that many people struggle with. This essential oil can be a great health aid. The best way to use it for this purpose is through a massage oil. Add several drops to a base oil and receive a massage at least once a week. The oil will penetrate your skin and naturally bring your blood pressure down. Massages are a great way to de-stress - that combined with the natural components of the oil, will have your blood pressure stabilizing in no time.

Wounds And Bites

The healing properties of the oil are also good for cuts, scraps and wounds. Putting a little bit on a bite or a scratch will prevent it from getting infected, and possibly giving you a bigger issue later on. Its anti-inflammatory compounds make it great for bug bites or even something poisonous like poison ivy or oak. Take a couple of drops on the fingertips and rub them deeply into the problem area. Always remember that even the lesser known essential oils are just as vital to your collection. 

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