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Ledum essential oil may not be easily recognizable to you by name, but nevertheless it has a history of being very effective for a whole slew of conditions. Research supports that it is a very valuable oil that provides relief to fevers, coughs, kidney conditions and even skin problems. Unlike some other more widely known oils, this one is a bit of an under-appreciated gem, but that's simply due to lack of popularity. Here are the key ways that this oil can help provide aid and relief.

Immune System

Ledum oil is a great way to help bolster and improve the immune system. We need a strong immune system in order for our body to be able to fight off varying ailments and diseases. So if you are known to get sick often and have a hard time fighting off certain colds and flus, this oil would definitely help you. Simply breathing in the fumes or even rubbing a few drops into your chest and skin will help strengthen your immune system.

Skin Aid

This essential oil is amazing to effectively treat skin conditions. It is a natural detoxifier so its presence on your skin will help you deal with any type of skin issues that may arise. A good portion of skin conditions are brought on by the clogging of pores and skin cells. This natural detoxifier helps provide and promote less toxicity which will help clear your skin from whatever ails it. This can be anything from blemishes to dark patches to eczema.

Aids Respiratory Tract

Sometimes when you have a cold or chronic cough, it can be such a nuance and becomes incredibly hard to breath and even function at times. You may feel like you're being too loud, producing too much mucus and you just can't get comfortable. This oil can help ease this issue. Putting a couple of drops into a humidifier or diffuser while you sleep can provide you with relief and help to open up your air passages, allowing your mucus to drain quicker and your cough to subside. You can also try rubbing a mixture of ledum drops and coconut oil into your chest for faster assistance and relief.

Headache Relief

Are you a chronic headache sufferer? If you are, you know just how daunting that can be. Whether your headaches are mere annoyances or they impede your ability to complete simple tasks during the day, you may be able to finally gain a bit of relief by using ledum oil. Put a couple of drops on your pointer and middle finger. With eyes closed, rub your temples right where the pain is localized. The oil will penetrate your skin and enter into your blood stream. You can expect a bit of relief in 10 to 15 minutes. Do this at the start of a headache in order to prevent it from becoming really painful. The more you use this method the more you'll likely start to experience less headaches over time.

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