How To Minimize Psoriasis Symptoms And Flare-Ups

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Those who suffer from the sometimes harrowing condition of psoriasis will be the first to tell you of how intricate, complex and difficult the skin condition can be. Psoriasis is the result of an autoimmune disorder that causes flaky, red, painful patches on the skin, on various parts of the body. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this condition, as is the case with many autoimmune conditions. However, there are different ways to combat and treat the affected skin.

Like most conditions, stress is a leading factor associated with flare ups of psoriasis. Because of this, maintaining your stress levels and dealing with stress adequately, is of paramount importance. The way that stress impacts our body is very pertinent to our organs, glands and internal functioning.

Dietary Supplements

There are certain dietary supplements that will aid in the way our body deals with stress from the inside out. These supplements will also potentially help the unsightly psoriasis symptoms that sufferers are at the mercy of. Milk thistle, evening primrose oil, vitamin D and fish oil can help with the condition. Also, opening up a capsule of fish oil and applying the liquid directly to the affected skin works well.

Psoriasis patches are notoriously dry, so sometimes winter months are especially difficult for those afflicted. In order to combat the inherent dryness of the condition, making sure all affected skin in adequately moisturized, is very important. This also prevents the formation of plaque on the skin that can further perpetuate the noticeable skin issue. Another suggestion is to keep a humidifier on in your home or office, to make sure the air has enough moisture for your sensitive skin.

Something that should be avoided by those who struggle and suffer from psoriasis, is lotions and creams with any type of artificial fragrance. Although we all like to smell good, the type of chemicals that are included in many body butters, lotions and perfumes, can actually cause psoriasis symptoms to become more pronounced and apparent. They can even cause patches of psoriasis to show up in places previously unaffected. Using products with natural, soothing ingredients like oatmeal are suggested instead.

Phototherapy is often used for very acute cases of psoriasis. This form of treatment is referred to as light therapy and works directly on the surface of the affected skin. It works by using specific types of UV light shone from a special type of lamp to coat and then impede the growth of affected skin cells. This can get a little pricey and some believe exposure to that much continual light is not necessarily good for the system.

Lack of a balanced healthy diet can also impact many autoimmune conditions, including psoriasis. Eating more organic foods and staying away from processed, unhealthy foods may slow down flare ups. It may also help to keep breakouts much more controlled and last for a shorter period of time. Overall, its important to incorporate changes in many different aspects of your life to help treat and prevent the presence of psoriasis.

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