Bad Breath Signs, Symptoms, Dangers And Health Risks

The following signs and symptoms may be associated with bad breath:

Black or white hairy tongue


Visible tartar buildup on the teeth

Swollen, red or bleeding gums

Filmy buildup on the tongue

Accompanying systemic infection

Swollen lymph nodes


A bad taste in the mouth may develop first. Then the odor may be more easily noticed by others than by yourself. By this point, social and professional embarrassment may occur.

Bad breath can progress from a temporary problem to a chronic condition that is difficult to reverse. Many people believe they can simply treat the condition topically with the use of mints or gums, but avoiding halitosis will allow the underlying condition to progress until the cause is identified. If bad breath is due to the development of gum disease, not treating the condition properly can result in severe bone destruction and the loss of teeth.

Dangers And Health Risks

Halitosis istypicallyassociated with periodontal disease infections. In some cases it may be due to other underlying conditions. If gum disease is the cause of your halitosis, then it is important to know that gum disease is linked with numerous health conditions that should not be ignored. Examples of diseases linked with periodontal infections include:

Cardiovascular disease (including heart attack, stroke and elevated blood pressure)
Erectile dysfunction
Premature labor

Treatment for these conditions should be correlated with treatments for gum disease, as the severity of each can affect the response of the other conditions. 

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