5 Nutritional Life Hacks

nutritional life hacksWe could all use a little help with improving our diet and increasing nutritional value in our lives. With the way that food consumption and weight-related conditions are skyrocketing, we all should take more care in what we put in our mouths and how that affects our overall nutrition. There are incredibly simple ways to help incorporate healthy and more vitamin-rich foods into your diet without really trying too hard. Included below are some nutritional life hacks that will have you eating better with minimal effort.

Swap In Greek Yogurt
Many recipes that are of a savory flavor or consistency require either buttermilk, cream cheese, butter, oil, sour cream or mayo. But unfortunately, these ingredients are very high in calories and fat. A fantastic alternative to add in place of these things is Greek yogurt. Not only will you be able to cut a high amount of unhealthy fats and calories, but you will be able to keep the original taste and texture of the dish while adding protein. Depending on the ingredient you substitute it for, you could be eliminating up to half of the fat grams.

Switch Up Your Cocktail
Most of us enjoy a nice cocktail or nightcap at the end of a long day. Or sometimes it's at a dinner or a birthday party, where we like to indulge in an adult beverage. But sometimes the amount of sugar in these drinks is unbelievably high. High sugar consumption can lead to a multitude of issues. In order to cut the sugar and still enjoy alcohol, try adding seltzer water and lime to your favorite drink. Seltzer actually speeds up the rate of absorption of the alcohol you consume - which means, it'll take less drinks for you to feel buzzed and thus you'll be consuming less alcohol and fewer calories. Lime helps our body's insulin response, which means that any mixers high in sugar won't be triggering any fat storage in the body.

Don't Shop Hungry And Cook More
These two may seem obvious and self explanatory but they should still be mentioned. When you're doing your grocery shopping for the week, it's important to do so when you aren't incredibly famished. When we are hungry, we tend to crave things that are not good for us. Everything salty or sweet will start to look like heaven in the grocery aisles, if you haven't eaten beforehand. Also, when you prepare your meals, as opposed to relying on take-out, you know exactly what is going in them - the ingredients that are being used and the fat, calories and carbs of everything. You'll eat healthier based on that alone.

Drink Your Coffee Brown
While drinking coffee straight, with no cream or sugar, is more of a science and an acquired taste, it is infinitely better for you. If drinking coffee black is completely out of the question for you, try adding natural cinnamon or nutmeg to your daily beverage. While it won't sweeten it the way sugar does, it will add a dimension of taste and smell that will make the experience more enjoyable.

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