4 Natural Tips For Managing Diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 16 million Americans. It can damage blood vessels, and lead to other serious conditions such as stroke, kidney failure, and liver disease. Diabetes occurs when the body isnt able to use sugars as it should. Many people treat their diabetes with insulin shots daily, or in instances of type 2 diabetes, with pills. There are many ways of treating diabetes, and here are a few ways of managing your blood glucose naturally.

Avoid processed foods at all costs
Companies that produce foods that come in boxed or microwavable form use over 6,000 chemical ingredients to make it look and taste like the real thing. By doing this, your body is robbed of any real nutrition your body needs. Processed foods increase the level of toxins in your blood stream which your liver will have to deal with, and since diabetics are usually more prone to liver disease, this is of vital importance.

Kick artificial sweeteners to the curb
Artificial sweeteners have so many negative connotations that it would be pointless to try and address even a fraction of them here. Aspartame alone has led to over 10,000 complaints filed with the FDA, yet its still on the market. A healthy alternative is Stevia. Found in the supplement section of your grocery rather than with other sweeteners, the white extract form is much sweeter than sugar and still doesnt raise blood glucose levels.

Dont worry, eat fatty
Organic or unrefined fats are actually very important to overall health for diabetics. Without them youd be missing out on essential fatty acids like omega 3, which your body cannot get elsewhere. Consuming healthy fats and oils will help you feel satisfied when you eat, thus preventing over eating and weight gain.

Walk it out
Insulin resistance can be reduced for up to 48 hours after even a half hour of walking. Lightening the work load of the pancreas will let it handle the processing of glucose like it should. Losing even a few pounds can reduce the strain your body is under, and lower both blood sugar and blood pressure.


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