What Is Horse Chestnut Oil?

There is a variety of nuts that we may be unfamiliar with, even if we know the specific variations of them. This is the case with the horse chestnut. It comes from the Balkan Peninsula and the other elements of the leaves, seeds, flowers and blossoms are also incredibly helpful and effective. Traditionally, this nut was used for many different external issues related to the body. Here are ways in which horse chestnut oil can be a great addition to your medicine cabinet.

Varicose Veins

Those unsightly veins that can cover legs and make them look uneven can be a real pain. Due to the intensive vein enhancement and restorative properties, horse chestnut oil is a great oil to use to eliminate the issue. The nutrients and vitamins within the oil help to fight against chronic venous insufficiency that cause veins to look that way through skin. Try adding a couple of drops of horse chestnut oil to some coconut oil and massage that into your legs twice a day. You'll start to notice the veins diminishing and looking less dark.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation takes place for a myriad of reasons and can affect different parts of your body, your skin and your internal system. Inflammation can be very dangerous and is one of the precursors for serious ailments and diseases. Because of this, having an effective oil on hand that will help to mitigate the inflammation that you may experience on a regular basis can be very beneficial. Whether you have arthritis, eczema, rheumatism or any other ailment that causes a significant amount of swelling or discomfort in your body, this oil can be a great help.

Increase Circulation

Circulatory problems in the body can be incredibly difficult to deal with. They can lead to many serious health issues and should not be left untreated. If you believe that your circulatory system isn't working the way that it should, or if you are suffering from numbness, dizziness or any other symptoms directly related to poor circulation, you may want to start rubbing this oil into your troubled spots. Make sure to always only use a drop or two of the horse chestnut oil and mix it with your carrier oil of choice. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, it could potentially react negatively to the oil so test on a small part of your wrist before treating larger areas of your body.

Decrease Leg Cramping

If you are incredibly active you likely deal with a bit of pain or aches at the end of your day. Whether you are an athlete or work out a great deal, you may experience various types of soreness and pain as a result. Leg cramping is something that often plagues those with active lifestyles. Due to its ability to increase circulation and vein elasticity, horse chestnut oil is a go-to oil for leg tightness and cramping. You can use the oil mixture either before or after your vigorous workout or highly active activity.

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