Skin Benefits Associated With Plum Kernel Oil

When it comes to oils that positively benefit your skin, the list is overflowing. There are truly so many different oils that run the gamut on ways in which they can impact your skin. Plum kernel oil is another great example of an oil that has tremendous power as an entity that is derived from a seed or rind of the fruit, instead of the fruit meat itself. This oil is very high in the skin-nourishing vitamin E and also has a pleasant almond-like smell. If you are looking for another great tool to keep in your skin care arsenal, plum kernel oil may be just the oil you've been seeking.


Although this oil is very thick in consistency, it has the ability to properly penetrate the skin. This means that its thick, viscous finish doesn't necessarily stay on the surface of the skin for long periods of time, leaving you greasy or unnecessarily oily. This can be a nightmare situation for those who already suffer from oily skin. Thankfully, this won't be the case for this oil. It penetrates skin nicely and provides your skin with the necessary hydration it so desperately craves.


It seems that so many are often on a quest of finding that perfect skincare product that can help to thwart signs of aging. No one wants to feel like their lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are indicative of their age, when in actuality those things can sometimes just be the result of someone not taking proper care of their skin. Skin is a delicate organism and must be handled with the utmost care or it will start to show signs of age. Due to the nourishing components of the vitamins and nutrients within the oil, it will help to reverse any signs of aging you may be experiencing.

Helps Inflammation

Whether it is to treat the inflammation that you experience on your skin from issues like eczema or acne, or internal inflammation that causes you serious discomfort like arthritis and rheumatism, this oil can act as the perfect antidote for those issues and concerns. Just a small amount of this oil massaged into your problem areas will provide you with a relief from swelling and tightness. This oil is so great that a little goes a long way, which makes it long lasting and cost effective.

Promotes Urination And Cures Constipation

Whether you have an issue with water retention or not having a bowel movement regularly, this oil can help to flush out the system when it gets backed up for whatever reason. You may be having a reaction to the amount of salt in your diet which is causing you inflammation and a retention of water. You may be having issues using the restroom because of a digestive blockage. If you suffer either one of these issues, or a combination of the two, try rubbing a bit of plum seed oil on your lower abdomen and lower back. This well help clarify both processes.

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