Quinoa: This Hip Health Food Is Better In Oil Form

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If you are even vaguely familiar with the nutritional and health food world, you know that the grain quinoa has been touted as the next big super food. People sing its praises as one of the only grains that has a high amount of protein and a lower glycemic index, which makes it much healthier then rice or potatoes, but with a texture that is almost similar. What's interesting about this new food craze is that its oil form is just as beneficial and advantageous. Here's exactly how.

Controls Diabetes

As one of the fastest growing health issues in our society, diabetes is said to affect one in 10 people in America. While some don't mind the flavor of quinoa, and even have creative ways to doctor it up to make it taste good, some just can't seem to get used to the unique taste. For those people who want the benefits of the food without the taste, try cooking with the oil. The nutrients within quinoa are effective at helping maintain a healthy blood sugar level. The fibrous nature contains magnesium which increases the production of insulin.

Acne Fighter

One of the worst things to deal with is chronic, consistent acne. Not only can it make you feel utterly self conscious, but it can also leave scars that last long after you've successfully eliminated the blemishes. Quinoa oil can help to mitigate both issues. Quinoa helps to naturally eradicate the presence of sebum, which is the oil that promotes the process of acne. Those who suffer from oily skin are more prone to acne, and as such, may want to steer clear of oils for their face altogether. They shouldn't. Quinoa oil is the perfect oil to use if you are trying to control breakouts and even skin tone.


Along with the scars that you may experience, age spots and discoloration may be another struggle that you constantly deal with. Having an uneven skin tone can be perplexing and downright distracting if it gets obvious enough. The presence of quinoa oil helps to produce melanin which will help to bring your skin to a more uniformed, similar tone. Try adding a couple of drops of the oil into your favorite facial cleanser. Use consistently for about three or four weeks and you'll start to notice a real difference.

Assists Digestion

Whether you're backed up, have gas or heartburn, it can be hard to go about your day in a proper way when you're having digestive issues. Incorporating quinoa oil into your cooking will help to naturally regulate your digestive system. No need for those chalky tablets that taste awful. By incorporating healthy oils into your diet, you're doing your tummy a favor. Your digestive system will naturally correct itself as the digestive enzymes are activated by the presence of the quinoa oil. You can use it in the same ways you do coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil.

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