How To Make Natural Bathroom Cleaners

It is commonly thought that store bought cleaners are the only way to fight away grime in the bathroom. Yet although the commercials show cute cartoon bubbles and smiling bald men scrubbing away dirt and germs, and leaving a spotless, gleaming white bathroom behind, the truth is still a little grimy. Take a closer look at the labels of those cleansers, and underneath the promises of lemony freshness you’ll find more warnings than assurances. In many cases, bathroom cleansers warn you not to use them in enclosed spaces because the fumes can be dangerous. That may be OK if your bathroom is several hundred square feet, but it’s safe to say that most of our bathrooms are tight enough to be considered “enclosed spaces.”

The truth is that, despite the sunny packaging and cuddly mascots, most store-bought bathroom cleansers are harsh chemical cocktails that may do as much harm as they do good. They may be effective at removing soap scum and killing germs, but they also can contribute to indoor air pollution that can make you and your family sick. What’s more, these caustic chemical cleansers don’t just disappear when they go down the drain — they end up being introduced into the water supply, where they can have a negative impact on the environment. You may be concerned about the effects chemical bathroom cleansers can have on your family and on the environment, but you may also be wondering how you can keep your bathrooms clean without them. The accompanying Slideshow details how to make natural bathroom cleaners that are safe for the environment. 


How to Clean Your Bathroom…Naturally by Modern Bathroom.

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