Ways To Stay Active When You Have Back Problems

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Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Back pain really does put a strain on your daily schedule, especially when you are an active individual. And, even though you've recently suffered a back injury or a rise in low back pain, you should still be active. The aim is to learn which workouts are appropriate for lower back pain and which activities are best to avoid.

Back pain recovery helps you heal from back pain, improve weak muscles and increase restricted areas of flexibility. In some research, self-reported pain effects have declined over the years, not only for low back pain but for osteoporosis and arthritis. Evidence also indicates that weight lifting activities reduce pain experienced in the short and long term.

Core Workouts

When you want to remain active through pain in your back, you can wonder what workouts you can do for a poor back. Back pain - especially if it's induced by bad posture - is an indicator that weak muscles trap nerves and a misaligned spinal strain in your low back. Of such purposes, the following key areas that impact the back need to be improved.

A healthy and stable core is a vital aspect of the wellbeing of the spine. A solid and stable core enables the body to stay straight and makes fluid mobility possible. Your spine can get weakened and cause more damage without the core strength and stabilization. When you deal with back pain, core workouts are a safe starting point. Such activities include bridges, abdominal exercises and wall sits.


Stretching is an integral aspect of living with a weak back in tandem with key flexibility and weight lifting. When there is low back pain, working out tight hamstring, quad and glute muscles can help mitigate lower back pressure. Experts from spine rehabilitation centers may suggest if you have back pain, begin with quick, simple stretching and practice discomfort every day, slowly reducing tightness.

Training And Strength Workouts

Most people believe that because you have a painful back, you can skip weight and strength exercise. Data suggests otherwise. Several studies have shown that back pain patients who partake in weight lifting activities, in contrast to those who avoid exercise or stick solely to cardiography, show reduced pain symptoms. Try doing squats of all variations, push-ups, and lunges - either forward or backward. As the spine is central to the proper functioning of the body, all muscle groups that sustain the back and center need to be improved. It ensures the arms, spine, legs, and glutes are improved. Combine weight machine and bodyweight workouts to tackle these main areas.

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