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Written By Simon Morris / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Pregnant and healthy? Well, you ought to be preparing for the arrival of that tiny bundle of joy and responsibility people call a baby.

The first step, of course, is to develop a safe environment for them that’s free of harmful substances and promotes overall good health – everything else will follow from that. Here are a few tips that expecting women can use for that matter.

Eat Well While You Are Bearing Your Child

Mothers, when you are pregnant or nursing a child, keep in mind that whatever it is that you eat, the baby is going to get as well.

A healthy diet is thus important in this regard. Be sure to reduce foods that were exposed to pesticides and other contaminants. Avoid foods that contain harmful additives and antibiotics, going only for home-cooked meals using organic ingredients.

Fish and shellfish are also great additions to your diet due to their omega-3 content, but be sure to get only the types that contain low enough mercury that your system can quickly neutralize or flush out.

You should also take into account the iodine content, making sure that the fish you choose has high amounts of it. To make it easier for you, you can refer to two helpful guides from the Environmental Working Group (EWG): EWG’s Consumer’s Guide to Seafood and EWG’s Food Scores.

Prepare A Nursery That’s Free Of Harmful Substances

You will, of course, need to set up a nursery for your child’s comfort and your convenience, and you should go for non-toxic materials for this matter.

Solid wood is an excellent choice, and it makes for a superior alternative to the likes of chipboards, particle boards, plywood, and pressboards – materials that are known to contain adhesive substances that emit the toxic substance formaldehyde. Keep your children away from items that are made with fire retardants as well.

Filter Your Water

Whether or not you believe fluoride in the water is harmful, it’s still best that you filter the potable water that comes out of your faucets. If you find installing a filter or a full-fledged filtration system in your home a little too costly, you can find a good alternative in filter pitchers.

If you’re going anywhere away from home, be sure to take your filtered water to go into a clean container. To find the best screen to suit your needs, you can check EWG’s Water Filter Buying Guide.

Use Safe Cleaning Products

EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning can provide you with a comprehensive list of cleaning products and their ingredients. Make sure that the label has a Green Seal or an EcoLogo certification to verify the label’s safety claim.

 If you find good old skull-and-crossbones or any poison or hazard warnings, leave that product on the shelf and move on. Better yet, you can formulate your cleaning liquids with common household ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, and water.

Be Natural, Appearance-Wise

Avoid using cosmetic products, as most of those have chemicals that are toxic to your baby. If it can’t be helped, you should consult EWG’s Skin Deep Guide To Cosmetics for the best options. Salon visits are also a no-no.

Take Steps To Reduce Air Pollution Inside The House

Various appliances, furniture, and even simple cookware can release airborne pollutants in your home. Even though this is a regular, unavoidable occurrence, you can minimize what humidifiers produce. Humidifiers keep the respiratory system moist, and the oils help retard growth of viruses and thus act as a preventive against viral infections.

You come into contact with plastic often when opening doors and windows, turning the stove fan on while cooking, having potted plants nearby, and using cookware made without toxic substances. If you are looking to use plastic items, be sure to pick the safe ones.

Plastics are very convenient and extremely familiar, the usage of which is almost unavoidable. They can also be harmful to your baby, but if you can’t help but use them, here are some safety tips:

  • Do not microwave food in plastic containers.
  • Avoid canned foods, as most cans are lined with an epoxy lacquer containing the synthetic estrogen bisphenol A.
  • Never drink from a plastic glass.

For Post-Partum Care, Be Sure To Choose Non-Toxic Pads

You should use safe menstrual pads. Make sure your lady pads are made from unbleached organic cotton without any fragrance or dye. To ease post-partum discomfort, freezing the pads helps.

Keep A Good Stock Of Safe Diapers 

Now, what do we mean when we say “safe” diapers? For starters, you can use diapers made with natural fiber cloth to reduce waste. For disposable diapers, the wisest choice is those made from unbleached, plant-based, renewable materials without dye or fragrance.

Be Serious About Your Post-Birth Recovery

The most important thing is to prepare for the emotional and physical recovery that you will have to undergo right after giving birth. Give yourself some time to relieve stress and practice activities that promote healing. Most of all, do not be ashamed to get support from your family and friends.

How To Take Care Of Your First Born

You are probably reading this article because you are expecting your first born! We all know that feeling of mixed excitement, anticipation and nervousness altogether. It is indeed a milestone for every parent, maybe the most challenging moment of your life!

Now, first time parents are usually paranoid - especially that they will actually be taking care of a baby. Here are some few tips to help and guide you:

Handle your baby properly. Newborn babies are fragile. They have soft bones which are prone to fractures. It is important to know where to place your hand while carrying, feeding or putting them into sleep. Place your hands on your baby’s head and neck to support it well. 

The head and the neck are usually the most vulnerable since these are the parts that they usually learn to move first. Also, watch out for their fingers, hands and feet, as they are also prone to accidents and fractures.

Make sure that you are also sanitized as babies have a weak immune system. It is important that you keep away from them if you have the flu! They are very susceptible to infection so make sure that you clean yourself first before handling them.

Try to boost their immunity by breastfeeding and ensuring that the room they stay is a clean one. Make sure that they are away from germs and bacteria as well as mosquitoes and other insects that increase the chance of the baby being sick.

It is important that newborns have plenty of sleep. This enables them to grow stronger and in a faster rate. Some can even rest and sleep for around 16 hours a day. Just make sure that the baby is well fed - by breast milk preferably. It is important that the baby is in a quiet and well-ventilated room so that it will not be disturbed at all.

Be careful and gentle in putting them to sleep or waking them up. Avoid shaking them. Shaking babies can have negative effects. People call it shaken baby syndrome which causes bleeding in the brain or even death. Always be gentle with your baby! Remember that your baby is still at the early stage of development, its skull is definitely smaller and much softer.

You also need to need to make sure that your baby’s hygiene is proper. You have to be a diaper-changing expert. You should always check from time to time if the diaper is already full and needs to be changed. Prolonging and keeping the baby wet and exposed to wet diapers will cause rashes and irritations on your baby’s skin.

Lastly, choose your baby equipment wisely! Having quality baby equipment reduces accidents involving your baby especially while you are away. It is important to make sure that they are secure and safe. Be sure to buy baby equipment such as swings and cradles from trusted sellers who sell trusted brands.

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