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Developing and maintaining your health can be a challenge at any age; however, for seniors and aging adults, there are some unique challenges. Your body may be in pain or limited in mobility. Your costs of healthcare may be more than your fixed income allows. You may be at a higher risk for depression and isolation as you experience more frequent loss of friends and family in your older age. You may struggle to maintain relationships with family and friends. Whatever your challenge may be, let’s discuss some tips to help you overcome them.

Managing Loss Of Mobility

You may have loved exercising in your youth but now feel discouraged that your body isn’t capable of doing what it once did. While you may have limited mobility or suffer from joint pain, that does not mean you can no longer exercise and care for your physical health. In fact, Reuters found that the more inactive and sedentary you are, the more your mobility continues to suffer. The key to overcoming these issues and beginning an exercise routine is to start slow. Choose low impact activities like walking, water aerobics, or lifting light weights while seated.  Start with just a few minutes a day, and slowly your body will get stronger.

Managing Cost Of Healthcare

After retirement, you are likely financially living on a fixed income. Depending on how much you were able to save during your career, in addition to any additional income like Social Security or a pension, you may be struggling to pay for medical expenses. Research Medicare plans and insurance options to help you find the best plan to cover your needs. You can also save money on your prescriptions by using Prescription Hope to find your medications at the lowest cost.  By smartly utilizing additional resources, you can afford the medical care that you need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Managing Grief And Loss

As you age, your peers around you are aging as well, and you are likely to begin experiencing more frequent loss. This hard aspect of life can severely impact your mental health, resulting in issues like depression and anxiety. Talking to trustworthy and empathic friends and family can be a helpful coping method. You can also turn to an in-person or online bereavement program to help you navigate the loss. Finding a healthy way to cope with the loss will bolster your emotions and prevent you from retreating into isolation. According to Forbes, isolation is dangerous to your health, as it can result in increased illness and shorter life span. So, combat this issue by confiding in others as often as you can.

Managing Relationships

In addition to losing loved ones due to illness or old age, it is not uncommon for relationships to become strained in your older years. Often times, the role reverses between parent and child, where your child now takes the responsibility of caring for you. This can cause tension if you feel that your child is now “parenting” you. So, communicate these concerns with your child to resolve this, and be compassionate to their role as caretaker. You want to avoid pushing away those that care, which could leave you alone and isolated. Conversely, you also want to avoid being in an abusive caretaker situation. If you feel you are in this situation, report it immediately and remove yourself from the individual as soon as possible.

Managing your health as you age has unique challenges, ranging from physical limitations to increased exposure to loss and the risk of depression. When you are aware of these challenges, it can be easier to navigate and manage them knowing that you are not alone.  Work to create daily healthy habits. Make sure to maintain healthy relationships with friends and family to offer you support in times of struggle. Take this time in your life to do the things that you enjoy with the ones you love most.

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