Tips For A Happier, Healthier Thanksgiving

It started with Halloween, that surplus of candy and sweet treats that reminds you that the season of holidays is upon us. Next up: Thanksgiving. Despite popular belief, there are ways to avoid the typical stigma of packing on the holiday pounds. It may take a whole lot of will power as many of the foods present on your familys table this Thursday are there for a limited engagement, and its easy to go overboard. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the traditional holiday meal pitfalls and come out lighter on the other side of the New Year.


Most of us wake up on Thanksgiving morning just waiting to gorge ourselves at Grandmas house. Honestly though, if you even ate just a small breakfast filled with healthy protein and fiber your appetite would calm down significantly and youd be able to make more sound choices by the time you hit the buffet line.


Before you dive in and start filling your plate with mountains of mashed potatoes, take a look at the whole spread. This way you can decide which of the dishes you REALLY want on your plate, and you can get a reasonable sized portion of the ones that matter the most. This is especially important if youre a calorie counter. Dont waste those precious calories on foods you can eat any other day of the year.


For most people Thanksgiving is an all day affair, so enjoy it as such. Take your time with your meal, spread out the deserts, snacks, or those dreaded second helpings. Take the time to enjoy fellowship with friends and family that you might not otherwise get to visit. Thanksgiving is more than just a meal, its about you and your loved ones.


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