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Whether you have been a practicing dentist for awhile or are fresh out of dental school, building and maintaining a great dental staff is one of the most important components of your practice. Here's some tips to consider. 

Building your core dental staff team is crucial to the success of your own practice. First and foremost always be on the lookout for the right people. To do this you want to start by recruiting the right people. This involves screening the applicants and selecting the ones that best fit your practices personality and style, as well as making sure they have the right personality, learning skills and talent you desire for your team. Another important aspect of the recruiting phase is conducting background checks on candidates you are interested in and having a solid list of questions and concerns to go over during the interviewing process.

Another crucial step in maintaining the right team is to not be afraid of letting bad employees or poor performers go. You can also have a plan in place to re-train and rehabilitate those that make mistakes, but you also have to be prepared to terminate those that are not performing as expected - or even worse - are engaging in some form of misconduct that may eventually become a legal liability. You may want to also consider and evaluate progressive discipline as a way to rehabilitate employees before letting them go. The reasons for doing this are to avoid the costs of recruiting, hiring and training new employees.h your employees what they need to know as well as continuously review the more experienced staff members and fine-tune their performance. Periodic performance evaluations help you stay on track with how your team is doing and where extra training can make a difference. The employees also benefit from your feedback, constructive criticism, support and guidance to perform better.

Another thing to always keep in mind is to make sure your team knows the rules and performance expectations. Setting up a great orientation program with new recruits is a great way to start. An orientation program can include employee handbooks that clearly explain your expectations and policies. Having this in writing and having your employees read it and sign a form stating that they did so will help prevent any legal litigation problems if a performance problem arises.

The bottom line is that an experienced, well-informed dental staff goes a long way in maintaining a happy dental environment and content patients. The more you can think about and adopt performance management plans the better you and your dental practice will be.

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