The Most Common Dental Problems

Wisdom Tooth with CavityThe most common dental problems can be easily avoided by following a healthy dental and oral care routine. Regular dental checkups, brushing twice a day, flossing daily and consuming a healthy and balanced diet are some of the proven techniques to ensure dental health. It is essential to consult a good dentist to obtain knowledge about different dental problems, its causes and preventions. The dentists offer affordable dental solutions for all types of dental issues.

Some Common Dental Problems

Tooth decay: One of the most common problems affecting millions of people of all ages is tooth decay. Also known as cavities, tooth decay often occurs when plaque combines with starch or sugar to form acids that attack the enamel of the tooth. There are many ways to prevent tooth decay or cavities. It is essential to brush twice a day and after consuming meals. Using a dental floss and mouthwash are other effective methods to prevent tooth decay. It is also essential to avoid over consumption of sugary food items to prevent tooth decay.

Bad breath: Halitosis or bad breath is another common dental problem. There are many underlying causes of bad breath which include cavities, gum diseases, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth, oral cancer and so forth. Apart from these common causes, there are many other reasons for bad breath. It is essential to consult a good dentist if you suffer from halitosis for no obvious reasons as it can be a symptom for some other underlying health issue.

Mouth sores: Another dental issue is mouth sores. There are different types of mouth sores which can be very troublesome. The majority of the mouth sores disappear on their own and seldom last for more than two weeks.

Gum diseases: Periodontal disease is another common dental issue faced by most people due to lack of oral hygiene. Gum disease affects the gums which surround the teeth. It is the main cause of tooth loss in adults. There are many ways to prevent gum diseases. Regular brushing and flossing is among the most effective methods to prevent all types of gum diseases and cavities.

Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is basically a dental issue which exhibits symptoms of pain and discomfort when the tooth is exposed to cold drinks, cold food items, hot drinks, sweets and so forth. Tooth sensitivity can be treated effectively. Dentists offer various remedies to fight tooth sensitivities.

Apart from these problems, toothache is one of the most common problems faced by most of the people. There are many causes for toothaches which include tooth decay or cavities, a broken or chipped tooth, or tooth erosion.

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