The How To On Quitting Foods That Make You Fat

Addiction is a powerful and terrible thing. We now know that addiction can come in many forms, and its just as easy for someone to be addicted to certain foods as it would be for alcohol or drugs. Until recently however, not much thought was put into the effects on certain brain chemicals in relation to food addiction. Recent studies have shown that the rises of dopamine and serotonin (chemicals that affect the pleasure centers of the brain) can be just as high from food as they would be from cocaine use. There is hope though, and there are ways to beat the foods that you may be addicted to. We offer some steps to beat the cravings, and quit the foods that make you fat.   Most overweight people dont actually experience any more hunger than anyone else, rather they are subconsciously feeding their brains want for chemical reactions that take place as a result of the consumption of unhealthy foods. Diets that simply restrict calories often fail because they dont address the chemistry behind weight gain. When your body craves certain chemical reactions and balances, you notice it by craving certain foods that restore that feeling and boost your dopamine and serotonin levels. For example, if youre sitting at home by yourself all night your loneliness could easily make your brain crave a spike in dopamine to feel happier. Because of this you might often go right for the sugary snacks. Identify these types of situations or times when you indulge too much, and be conscious of what youre doing before you dive into that pint of Ben & Jerrys and youll be much more likely to avoid it next time.   Because its a brain chemical reaction that leads to eating, its actually pretty simple to break the cycle by doing things that support dopamine and serotonin production. Being social and active are both excellent ways to boost dopamine, so try getting out more often. If youre stuck at home, find something active to do; even if its just cleaning the house. Make it fun though, crank up some music that makes you want to move around more. Social exercises are also good for serotonin, so call up an old friend or strike up conversations at work that you might not normally take the time to. Creating, developing, and maintaining relationships are huge for boosting serotonin.   Its OK to slip sometimes, and its also perfectly fine to step down gradually. Any chemical imbalance in the brain that is a result of a legitimate addiction should be treated with caution, and stepped down from. To help out, identify what times or activities are the riskiest for you to overindulge. If you need to, plan other activities during these times so the temptation isnt as strong. Its usually the times that youre able to sort of switch off that are the most dangerous. Start shopping for healthier snacks to begin with, that way if you do catch yourself in that situation youre at least eating healthier. Remember: baby steps.    

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