The Body Of Evidence For Coconut Oil

Coconut with oil, milk and palm leaves isolated on white.When sixteenth century Portuguese and Spanish explorers first encountered the towering palm trees of the tropics, they were struck by how closely their big brown fruit resembled a human head, so they named it coco, meaning head or skull. Thus the coconut was introduced to the European palate. Ironically, while they do resemble skulls or coco, they arent really nuts. Theyre actually drupes or stone fruit.

In any case, hidden inside the hairy, scary looking coconut is an important secret to smooth, flawless, beautiful skin: coconut oil.

The Skinny On Coconut Oil

Using the wet press extraction method, fresh raw coconut meat yields virgin coconut oil or VCO, which is luxuriously rich in healthy saturated fats. One saturated fat in particular--lauric acid--boosts your metabolism and balances your cholesterol. And the saturated fat in VCO is made up of medium-chain triglycerides, which is healthier than most of the other saturated fats on the market.

Like the proverbial peanut, coconut oil has a thousand uses and benefits. Its high smoke point of 351 degrees Fahrenheit makes it ideal for high temperature cooking because it doesnt burn [and smoke] as easily as other oils do. Its terrific in almost everything from pastries and curries, to sauts and smoothies.

In addition to fueling your own tank, it can also fuel your car--if you live in the South Pacific, that is. Coconut oil is used as a biodiesel in the Philippines and Samoa; and research is underway to adapt it for use in generating electricity as well.

Your Body Of Evidence
From preventing stretch marks during childbirth, to eliminating cradle-cap and diaper rash afterwards, moms will find VCO to be a god-send. Head to toe, virgin coconut oil has you covered.

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