Study: Magnesium Deficiency Associated With Periodontal Disease

Of all the nutrients in existence, perhaps none may play more roles than magnesium. Its been linked to health issues such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety among others but still over half of US citizens are deficient in it. The problem with many other conditions that are directly related magnesium consumption is that you cant always see whats going on. A German university study has connected the dots to show a correlation between magnesium and something you use every day: your mouth.   Over 4,000 individuals participated in the study that looked at the association between periodontal disease and magnesium. Each participant was matched for things such as age, existing health conditions, and education level and then they were subjected to periodontal examinations to measure probing depth, attachment loss, and number of remaining teeth. The results showed that subjects who were taking magnesium supplements or some form of magnesium drug had reduced probing depths, less loss of attachment, and more remaining teeth on average.   The sad truth is that most people who take magnesium supplements are still part of the deficient population. Most of the magnesium in products you see on store shelves isnt designed for your body to recognize it as something that needs to be put to work right away. Either that or theyre full of preservatives that actually keep the body from absorbing it. At the same time, there are plenty of prescription drugs on the market that can cause your body to lose magnesium and other vital nutrients.   Dont take our word for it, because within 5 minutes of doing your own research you can find the benefits of magnesium, and also whats wrong with so many versions on the market today. If you really want to take control of your health and prevent a multitude of debilitating conditions that could cost you thousands, then click below to read more.  



Journal of Dental Research

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