Study: Aspartame Leads To Autism, MS, Cancer

As obesity continues to plague our country on epidemic levels, theres always another diet or trend around every corner. Diet drinks and foods are always popping up, and for every good claim they make theres just as much negative about them that we hear the next day. We ve all heard about negative effects of aspartame, which you may know better as NutraSweet. New information from retired food scientist Dr. Woodrow C. Monte sheds additional light on exactly what it does, how it does it, and how concerned you should be with your intake of diet food and drink.

You probably didnt know that in its dry form, aspartame is 11% methanol. When it is consumed it is transformed into a type of methanol molecule. Now, methanol is a small part of the human diet these days thanks to food processing and chemical procedures that have entered the chain of production over the last hundred years or so. However, since aspartames acceptance its use has skyrocketed.

The problem comes from how methanol is processed by the body. Once absorbed, methanol is converted by the body to the highly toxic, and carcinogenic substance formaldehyde. Whats more, this metabolization takes place in numerous organs of the body other than the liver. In many cases, it is not filtered by the liver, and can lead to many of the most deadly and debilitating diseases that humans can suffer.

Dr. Montes study states that as aspartame became a bigger source of methanol in the human diet, incidents of diseases of civilization such as autism, multiple sclerosois, cancer, and spina bifida gradually rose. He also states that it is his belief that diet soda specifically has led to the rise of breast cancer.

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