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Even if those modest 1900-style swimsuits remained fashionable, many of us would still feel too uncomfortable to go to the beach. Our weight, body type, and body image can weigh heavier on our hearts than on our hips. While the glory of another gorgeous spring is blooming all round us, many of us feel like its still winter in our souls - bleak, cold, and lonely. 

Are you longing for a change? Well, what are you waiting for? Its high time for you to bold yourself over. I mean you're everyone else's champion - your parents, your kids, your spouse, even your favorite co-worker. Now its time for you to show up for yourself. Be bold on your own behalf. While spring is bursting forth, why not declutter your mind and spruce up your morale along with your house? 

  1. Try A Little Endorphin Therapy!
Clear all those old clothes from your closet. Stop holding onto your old body image through clothes that are now ill-fitting and outdated. Donate or trash them - just get rid of them! Next, give yourself permission to buy several cute exercise outfits that are still inside your comfort zone. Then take a deep breath, step out into the light, and get moving! Get those endorphins going! Walk, or jog, or bike, or run - just for fun!

Don't burden your mind with self-conscious thoughts about how you look. Just get going, and instead of targeting an ideal weight loss goal, make your target a higher level of self-esteem just as you are! Cancel the negative self-talk. Be kind and loving to yourself, and the pounds will start to melt before you know it. Easy for me to say? You're right! Because I'm doing this right now - and its working! 
  1. Pick A Pet Passion And Go For It!

Air out your dreams while you're airing out those stuffy, dusty rooms. Want to be a great writer? Well how about cleaning that home office and writing something anything - just to get your juices flowing. Don't overthink it and don't overshare it [people can talk you out of your dreams if you share them prematurely]. Just do it for yourself and watch your self-confidence, and self-esteem soar.

Tired of drooling at all those fantastic dishes on your favorite foodie TV shows?

If you're an aspiring five-star chef, quit aspiring and start cooking! Spring clean that kitchen of yours, then enroll in a local culinary class or watch some gourmet cooking videos online.

In fact you could kick it up a notch and literally eat your way to a healthier physique by making some healthy changes to your diet, taking some organic cooking classes, and learning how to prepare some exciting new foods that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Visit a local pick-your-own organic farm; stock up on their fresh fruits and veggies; and explore the Internet for new recipes. Now that you're exercising and losing weight, learn how to sew - after all that closet is looking pretty empty now, right? Come on! Spring into action this spring and give your heart and health a makeover.

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