September Is Healthy Aging Month

There are 74 million baby boomers aged 51 to 69. So in the autumn of our years, its appropriate that September is Healthy Aging Month. Most of us baby boomers have never been famous for acting our age. But now more than ever, its important for us to put our age into perspective, because our attitudes about this magic number and the whole aging process can seriously impact our health.


A healthy attitude is the key to a healthy body. So if youre thinking about losing weight, maybe you should focus on some of your friends. Relational dead weight is a drag, so ditch it! Metaphorically speaking, opening your life to new experiences with new people is a form of open-heart surgery. It can only make you stronger.


And while youre focusing on what you put into your mouth, monitor what comes out of it: positive self-talk can produce a more positive self-image. So watch your mouth!


While were on the subject of your mouth, lets consider your diet, which is certainly an important foundation for a healthy lifestyle. While youre detoxing your spirit from negative relationships, you can also detox your body from unhealthy foods and eating habits.


Bone density loss, muscle atrophy, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia - were all more vulnerable to these maladies as we age. Want a whole body in the fullest sense of the word? Eat whole foods! Organically grown fruits and veggies are full of the fiber, antioxidants, minerals, plant-based proteins, phytochemicals, and other nutrients you need to thrive.


Mother Natures color wheel is the perfect guide for your food selection: bright orange carrots, pumpkins, and oranges; deep purple blueberries and eggplants; crimson red tomatoes; sunshine yellow squash and grapefruit; and hunter green peppers. A feast for your eyes is a boon to your belly.


As we age our nutritional needs change. The amount of calcium or protein our 60-year-old bodies need is markedly different than when we were 30. So do a reality check during your next checkup and talk to your doctor or naturopath about what you need to remain active and healthy.


And if youre not, active, heres a free reality check: a sedentary lifestyle is deadly, so get moving! Ask your doctor or a senior-savvy personal trainer to help you develop an exercise routine that you can live with.


Anti-aging: what a silly notion. How about wanting to live a long time without growing old? Talk about an oxymoron! Instead, embrace the aging process and make it a triumphant time by living wisely - exercise, eat well, and love yourself. Thats what Id call acting your age.


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