Root Canal: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

3D Dentist with tooth sectionA lot of people fail to understand what a root canal actually is and why is it so important to go through it. In simple words, it This soft pulp is essentially a combination of tissue, blood vessels and nerves, contained in the pulp chamber that connects through the root of the tooth and further goes to the surrounding bone. Every root has at least one canal going through it while some might have more of these.

The root canal is actually a treatment of nerves found in this pulp that get damaged due to underlying reasons. During treatment, the damaged or infected pulp is removed from the pulp chamber. After that, the canals and chamber is filled and sealed so that bacteria cannot enter and damage the pulp chamber in the future. The entire process is also known as endodontic treatment and can be conducted by either a general dentist or an endodontist who has specialized in root canal treatments.

The most common reasons that can result in damaged or infected pulp are a cavity that spreads deep into the root infecting it with bacteria, a trauma that puts great pressure on the tooth, a fracture that extends to the pulp or repeated dental procedures that put pressure on the tooth.

Why Is It Important to Have Root Canal Treatment?

There are several things that often damage nerves in the tooth pulp, making it necessary to get a root canal. Initially, you can avoid getting the treatment but the damage cannot be ignored for too long and eventually you will have to take measures to solve the situation. The only other possible alternative you can have to this treatment is tooth extraction while getting an artificial implant or denture in its place. Here are some reasons that make it necessary to have a root canal at the earliest.


Pain is the most common reason that makes root canal an absolute necessity. Those who have infected roots can experience pain in the affected tooth at any time of the day without any particular stimulation. Moreover, it also becomes highly sensitive to hot and cold, even when the stimulus is long gone. Specific pain is also experienced when eating or putting pressure on teeth.


Another reason to have a root canal is when the affected tooth becomes abscessed. In this case, a pus pocket is formed at the end of the root while the tooth dies. This pus is formed due to bacterial accumulation in the tooth nerve. Those who have an abscessed tooth experience pain while chewing or putting pressure on the tooth. Moreover, the pus continues to grow and eventually it can infect the entire surrounding bone and tissue, and can even turn into a fatal infection. While infection can be contained with antibiotics, the only way to completely eliminate it is a root canal.

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