Orthodontist Or Invisalign Dentist - Differences And Similarities

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An orthodontic treatment that is gaining an increasing amount of popularity is the application of Invisalign braces. Basically this orthodontic procedure involves straightening your teeth by using custom-fitted aligners that are made specifically for your teeth. These aligners are sleek and created from invisible plastic that is hardly noticeable when placed over your teeth.

Patients that use aligners will notice results as they work to gradually straighten teeth and produce a confident smile. This procedure can be performed by either an Invisalign dentist or an orthodontist. There are both similarities and differences that exist depending on which provider is chosen for this procedure. However, finding the best cosmetic dentist for your procedure will yield the most effective results.

Variables To Consider

There are many variables to consider when you are choosing between Invisalign providers. Although the cost of this procedure is an important factor it is not of optimal concern. Most Invisalign procedures cost the same amount whether they are performed by an Invisalign dentist or an orthodontist, therefore price is not interchangeable between Invisalign providers.

However, one difference that exists is the experience and training that each provider has been required to complete. An Invisalign dentist is most likely a general dentist that has completed special training in order to be certified to perform this procedure.

Orthodontists have general dentist training, but have often completed extra courses to be more certified in teeth movement procedures. Therefore, both an Invisalign dentist and an orthodontist have adequate training, but orthodontists are often more specialized in teeth movement.

Even though orthodontists often have more training many cosmetic dentists have performed countless Invisalign procedures over time. Therefore, selecting an Invisalign dentist will often allow you to choose an Invisalign provider with more hands-on experience. Orthodontists often have lots of training but little experience. However, if your teeth straightening issue is not complex, then you may find effective results even if you choose a provider with less experience.

Invisalign is often not a uniform procedure that is the same among differing providers. Both Invisalign dentists and orthodontists perform the procedure in different ways and also have differing opinions on how to choose patients that this treatment will be most effective for.

Oftentimes, an Invisalign dentist will only accept simple cases while orthodontists will be more likely to perform more complex procedures. Therefore, cosmetic dentists often see more cases, but orthodontists are more familiar with extreme Invisalign straightening procedures.

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