More Olive Oil? How About Frying With It!

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Last week we told you about the virtues of how olive oil plays a beneficial role in maintaining a healthy diet. Now we receive word from the American Chemical Society that frying foods with olive oil is more stable and healthful than frying foods with seed oils. Scientists report in ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that olive oil withstands the heat of the pan or fryer better than several seed oils to yield more healthful food. 

The researchers goal was to find out which cooking oil can maintain its quality under high heat and repeated use. For the study they deep fried and pan fried raw potato pieces in four refined oils corn, olive, soybean and sunflower. They also re-used each oil 10 times.

They noted that different oils have a range of physical, chemical and nutritional properties that can degrade oil quality when heated and that some of these changes can lead to the formation of new compounds that are potentially toxic. They also learned that by-products of heating oil can lower the nutritional value of the food being fried.

Their conclusions: 

Sunflower oil degraded the fastest when pan fried at 356 degrees

Olive oil was the most stable oil for deep frying at 320 and 374 degrees Fahrenheit

For frying food, olive oil maintains quality and nutrition better than seed oils

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