Newborns And Germ Warfare: 5 Safeguards

babyThe health and wellness of your infant is a concern, if not an understandable obsession, of every new parent. Unfortunately, germs and toxins are present in items you might never suspect of being harmful. Becoming mindful to their existence can help safeguard your baby from everyday hazards.

Paint and Furnishings

Decorating an infants room is a wonderful project to undertake. Thinking about how theyll soon inhabit the room, and the joy that comes with their arrival is exhilarating. However, specific paints, furnishings and accessories can be toxic to an infant. You can start with paint and select something with no or low Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC is what produces the smell in paint and can be harmful to adults and children. You can opt for chemical-free paints that are organic and without toxins. When choosing bedding for the room, youll want to stick to a crib mattress that was made out of organic cotton fillers instead of the standard variety that comes sprayed with toxins.

Feeders and Equipment

Germs and debris can collect on the items that your infant inhabits. Instead of using harmful chemicals that can make your baby sick if ingested, you want to choose vinegar and water. This comes in handy when wiping down their changing table, high chair and rockers by cleansing the items thoroughly. You can also sterilize your baby essentials such as spoons, bottles and toys. If youre looking to get rid of foul odors or germs, place the items in the washing machine and add a little baking soda and vinegar. Look also for items such as the baby play yard, which is covered in zip-off fabric for ease of throwing into the wash machine, stopping the spread of germs.

Toys and Accessories

Feeding utensils, rattles, teething rings and other toys and accessories can house germs and other toxins. You can get a head start by purchasing items that are chemical and BPA-free. Bisphenol-A is a harmful chemical that can be found in many products that contain plastic. Most manufacturers have removed BPA from many of their products, but you still need to be aware by reading the label. Since your child will be touching the items and placing them in their mouth, you may want to opt for eco-friendly products that are made with organic cottons and toxin-free materials.

Air Fresheners

Making sure you babys air is clean and toxin-free can help them get a good nights sleep and alleviate breathing difficulties. Air fresheners can be harmful to your child because they are loaded with unhealthy chemicals. You can make your own room deodorizer with organic lemon wedges and steamed water.

Baby Food

Formula and processed foods and snacks can be loaded with harmful toxins and chemicals. If youre looking to keep your child healthy and toxin-free, you can include as many homemade and fresh products in their daily diet as possible. Organic fruits and vegetables are free of pesticides, and youll find an assortment of gadgets that allow parents to make their own baby food for their infants.

Keeping your infant germ and toxin-free may seem daunting, but youll find an assortment of products that can aid you in the process. With some careful planning, research and label reading, you can provide a healthier and non-toxic environment for your child to grow and develop.

Terry Duschinski is a grandfather who was inspired to write about this after watching his daughter-in-law remove for washing the fabric of ababy play yard, noting the motherly concern with the infant's exposure to germs.


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