Natural Health: The Benefits Of Walking

Woman walkingWe all know that in order to maintain a state of natural health, we need to incorporate physical exercises in our lifestyle. Our body needs them in order to keep the blood flowing properly,, to help you lose weight or to maintain your ideal weight or to simply make us feel good. However, there are many who dont have time or money to go to a gym every week to help maintain their state of natural health. For those who dont, walking is a healthy alternative. Although its effects are not seen as fast as when youre going at the gym, walking is beneficial even for those who are overweight and are just beginning their way toward a state of natural health.

How Walking Maintains A State Of Natural Health

Walking is not only beneficial for those who just need to maintain their state of natural health, but also for those who have weight problems and want to get on the right track. All it takes is a walk of approximately 30 to 45 minutes a half an hour after your dinner. If you do this four to five times a week, you will start seeing and feeling a difference. Here are a few of the benefits of walking for maintaining or gaining a state of natural health:

  1. It reduces the levels of glucose (sugar) from your blood

  2. It improves the quality of your sleep

  3. It helps your digestive system

  4. It raises the levels of the growth hormone which is generated during your sleep

  5. It improves bone density and prevents osteoporosis

  6. It reduces the risks of Alzheimers, glaucoma and colon cancer

  7. It raises the levels of endorphins which helps you eliminate stress, tension and fatigue

  8. It strengthens the immune system

  9. It improves the blood circulation and protects the heart

  10. It eliminates excess fat, works the abdominal muscles and shapes your legs

  11. It burns approximately 4.5 kcal/minute for a person who weighs 65 kg or approximately 143 pounds

  12. It raises life expectancy approximately 1.5 years

All these benefits come from a simple walk after dinner. Its that simple. Moreover, if you want, you can increase the difficulty of your walking after a while by climbing stairs or you can begin harder workouts. You will notice that it will be less difficult to physically and mentally do both of these. You will have no trouble maintaining or gaining a state of natural health, but the best thing about it is that it doesnt take much time and it doesnt cost you anything, financially speaking.

This guest blog is provided by health niche blogger Samantha Barks. To find out more health news, visit Natural Health News.

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