Managing Toothaches And Pains The Natural Way

ToothacheToothaches may be caused by a number of mysterious-seeming factors, but you dont need to immediately seek a dentist to deal with your dental woes. In fact, you dont even need to head to the pharmacy.

1. Ice: If your mother was like mine, every ache I suffered as a child was at least temporarily cured by ice wrapped in a plastic bag, then a washcloth. It turns out that she wasnt just trying to shut me upholding a cold compress to your sore cheek will actually help numb the pain, especially as you try to fall asleep. If youre worried that the ice will melt overnight and soak your pillow, try a bag of frozen zucchini - or any fruit or veggie.

2. Ginger: It just so happens that the ginger I keep around to combat my acid reflux also serves as an excellent toothache remedy. Peel the ginger and cut a tooth-sized piece. Bite down on this piece with your aching tooth. The pain should disperse immediately. Replace with a new piece every so often as the pain returns.

3. Garlic: Garlic is the subject of many folk remedies for tooth pains. The Russians even believe that if you hold garlic to the pulse point on the wrist on the side thats opposite of the pain for twenty minutes, the ache will be gone the next day. If youre skeptical of the Russian method, dont fretyou could also chew a half a clove of garlic, or crush a clove of garlic with some salt and place it over the aching tooth. In addition to helping with the pain, garlics antimicrobial properties will fight whatever is at the root of your ailment.

4. Warm Salt Water: Im not sure if this remedy tastes better or worse than the garlic remedy, but I would surely open my mouth in the ocean for thirty seconds if it would relieve a toothache. For this cure, mix a tablespoon full of salt with warm water and swish in your mouth for about thirty seconds. This draws out fluids from around your tooth in addition to lessening the swelling around the nerve.

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