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Written By Lavera Stewart / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Saving on utility bills is essential. Conserving natural resources is fashionable and promising. What can each of us do to save money and take care of the environment? Use green technology to the extent that you could or would like to. Stay with us and you will find out 10 green technologies for your home that will save money and save the planet's "health."

Use Natural Materials

Environmental friendliness means the use of building materials that are not harmful to the environment, such as stone and wood. They are safe for health and create a favorable microclimate at your home. Paints are best chosen with a low content of volatile organic substances. Concerning the wallpapers, the paper is preferred, as well, for example, some bamboo or cane.

Energy Saving

By improving the thermal insulation of the roof and walls, you can reduce energy consumption, and at the same time, your costs. One of the most environmentally-friendly materials for thermal insulation is stone wool-mineral.

If there is a fireplace in the house, then it is better to heat it not with ordinary wood, but with fuel pellets. It is an environmentally-friendly biofuel obtained from peat, wood waste, and agricultural waste. The dryness and density of such granules are higher than that of ordinary wood; therefore, one and a half times more heat is generated during combustion.

You can also install a programmable temperature controller. It is a device that changes the temperature in the room following the schedule, which contains the desired value for every hour of every day of the week. For example, it can lower the temperature at night or at a time when the owners are not at home. Do not forget about energy-saving lamps, which consume 70 to 80 percent less energy than incandescent lamps.

Roof-mounted solar panels are an autonomous source of free energy. Of course, you will first have to spend money on the purchase of these panels. For example, in the United States, it costs an average of $10,000 for a small two-bedroom house. The life of solar panels can be 20 to 30 years. During this time, expenses should pay off, although it is difficult to estimate the exact scale of savings: it is not known how much electricity will cost in the future.

Rational Water Intake

To spend less water, you can install several inexpensive but effective devices: nozzles-sprayers for showers and taps, double flush in the toilet. Rainwater can accumulate in special tanks, which is then used in the bathroom or for watering flowers and trees in the garden. There are also systems for the reuse of domestic wastewater.

Conscious Consumption: Top-10 Green Technologies For Your Home

1. Install solar panels

It is one of the most convenient ways to reduce your environmental impact. Drawings of simple and practical solar panels are available on the network. If you wish, you can make them yourself or find a curator of the assembly process. You can order home delivery of ready-made solar panels. Therefore, you provide electricity for your home and get the surplus at a green rate.

2. Install solar panels to heat water

This equipment severely reduces energy costs. Besides, it pays off much faster.

3. Install a wind generator

Installing a "windmill" does not necessarily need huge open spaces and purged areas. Small versions of wind turbines will do just fine with 15 percent of your home's needs.

4. Install a rainwater collection system

Gutter collectors are straightforward mechanical systems that connect to a gutter system or other water collection network in a barrel or tank. It is suitable for subsequent technical use - for example, watering plants, flushing toilets, irrigation.

5. Switch to autonomous heating

If you have the opportunity to install independent heating, heat meters, or a system for receiving heat from the earth - use it. This way, you can save up to 30 percent of your budget.

6. Consider the insulation of all rooms

Ten percent of the heat is lost every year due to poor insulation. Be sure to install additional insulation layers on the roof, floor, and windows.

7. Invest in double-glazed windows

Poor insulation is the cause of energy loss. In practice, up to 25 percent of energy losses related to rooms where leaky windows are installed.

The insulation of already installed windows can replace expensive double-glazed windows. It may not be an aesthetic or durable solution, but it is budgetary and quite practical.

8. Control your energy consumption

There are already enough devices on the market that allow you to easily and quickly receive data about the energy consumption in the house. You can control the most expensive devices at any moment of use. Up to 15 percent of utility bills can be saved per year.

9. Buy high-energy efficiency equipment

Such devices and equipment wisely use water and energy - depending on the type of device. Manufacturers point at 15 percent of the resources saved when comparing conventional refrigerators and energy-efficient. Washing machines use less water, wash better and do not injure fabrics as normal ones do, and at the same time save 50 percent of energy.

10. Install the splitters

It is an excellent solution to eliminate energy "vampires" - devices that are already charged and still "eat" up to 20 percent of the energy in the house. Smart splitters analyze the needs of devices connected to the network and cut off those that do not need power.

Green Conclusion

If there is an excess of gadgets, electronics, and household appliances in your house or apartment, then you probably have an increased electromagnetic background. That is why insomnia, chronic fatigue, irritability, headaches, and depression appear. If it is impossible to reduce the number of devices, neutralize them with indoor plants, because they actively absorb carbon dioxide, synthesize oxygen, and fill the space with freshness.

Chlorophytum and water hyacinth, which can be planted in an aquarium or on a personal plot, cope best with this task. It is interesting that chlorophytum helps get rid of mold and bacteria. Green plants also include violets, Scindapsus liana, wax ivy, dracaena, ficus, sansevieria, geranium, cactus, lemon, araucaria, and calathea. You may find more green tips for your home at

Even if you turn the house into a blooming garden, you still follow specific environmental safety rules. Do not place electronics and household appliances near the bed, work or dining table, do not turn on all the gadgets at once, and mount the sockets closer to the floor. If you are not using any electrical device, unplug it from the power supply because even in standby mode, it emits harmful electromagnetic waves. Do wet cleaning more often, use ionizers and humidifiers, especially in winter when heating is working.

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