Why Lemons Have Such Appeal

lemonsSomeone really should invent a cape tailored to fit a lemon! Silly? Maybe, but entirely appropriate. In the fight against infections and systemic toxins, the lemon is a super hero.

Its a detoxifying agent, a blood purifier, an antiseptic, and has even been used as an antidote for some poisons. Looks like the only thing it cant do is leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Top Of The Morning

One of the best things you can do for your health is to start the day with a glass of warm lemon water. It flushes toxins away and helps you digest your breakfast by boosting your livers bile production. Okay, that may not sound very appetizing, but your liver will love it.

The pectin fiber in lemon juice helps keep your colon healthy. Vitamin C, potassium, bioflavonoids, and calcium are all champions for your immune system. Lemon juice is great for pulverizing kidney stones, reducing risk of stroke, and lowering body temperature. It reduces bad cholesterol and improves the environment for good bacteria. It also inhibits the growth of pathogens, which is great if youre fighting an infection. And it can quench the fire of inflammation from arthritis.

Lemon Age

There is no historical record of their origins, but it is widely believed that lemons are indigenous to Asia, starting perhaps in China, Burma, and India many centuries B.C. when it was used as antidote for some poisons. They were in common use in Italy by the first century A.D. and migrated to Iraq by 700 A.D.

They made their way to North America via transport aboard one of Christopher Columbus ships. Too bad he and his crew didnt know how helpful lemons are in dealing with scurvy - a vitamin C deficiency that plagued many an ancient mariner.

Pucker Up

Dont buy a lemon. Go suck on a lemon. Because of their pungent taste lemons have been cast in a sour light. The truth is that the citric acid content does make lemon juice bitter, but lemons are so versatile and provide so many health benefits, they deserve a nobler moniker like sweet lemon aid.

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