Kraft Bends To Pressure To Remove Artificial Dyes

kraftIn a move that could be the marker for huge change in the processed-food industry, Kraft announced that, starting next year, several varieties of its macaroni and cheese product would no longer be made using certain artificial color dyes.

The original and spiral-shaped varieties will remain unchanged, but the character-shaped pasta varieties will be made without Yellow No. 5 and Yellow No. 6. The characteristic yellow coloring will come from spices instead. Not only that, but the new character versions will be higher in whole grain and lower in sodium and saturated fat.

This is big news for consumers in the United States, many of whom have wondered why we in the U.S. are frequently subjected to ingredients in our food that are banned in other countries. While pasta and cheese will never be health food, the changes go a long way in making these foods a viable option for families who want to provide smarter options for their children.

As reported in the article on, the investigative food blogger behind Food Babe, Vani Hari, started a petition on demanding that Kraft remove all artificial dyes from all their products. Over 348,000 people signed.

Followers of Hari and others fighting for change in our food may look at Krafts announcement as a sign of bigger changes to come. Only time will tell if other companies will follow Krafts example, but as more consumers become aware of the issues involved with our food, and the dangers associated with many of the things that we have been falsely led to believe are safe, more consumers will start demanding that their favorite companies leave out the harmful additives and start providing whole, safe alternatives.

If we keep fighting for change, big food companies like Kraft, Nestle, Kelloggs and the rest will have to listen.

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