Do You Know How To Get Rid Of Acne?

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There are three main classes of acne - comedonal, inflammatory and cystic. Finding the right treatment depends on your acne problem. 

Comedonal acne is basically mild acne with blackheads and white head production commonly called pimples - and it occurs when skin pores get clogged. The sebum combines with old, discarded skin cells making oil accumulate mainly on the forehead, nose and chin. Inflammatory acne occurs when the blackhead and white head-covered area is inflamed and causes red acne marks.Comedonal and inflammatory acne are considered a mild form of acne and are usually controlled with gel, creams, traditional tips and dietary restriction.

Mild acne may increase with external triggers, such as make-up products and hair gels, and sometimes getting rid of these products can resolve the problem. Medicinal treatment usually prescribed for comedonal acne is retinoid which unblocks the clogged pores. These chemicals are similar in composition to vitamin A so increasing your vitamin A intake may also work for you. Vitamin A along with vinegar and lemon juice are common remedies that focus on anti-bacterial properties and help clean bacteria that cause infection. This treatment is prescribed to teenagers that undergo hormonal changes for one to four years and their condition is mild as well as temporary. Focus on using home remedies and avoid unnecessary medication.

Cystic acne is the most intense and severe form of acne and comes as an outbreak and spreads all across the face. Cystic acne is genetic and quite painful. Mild cases may lead to permanent scarring and extreme cases may lead to facial disfiguration.

Inflammatory acne has more chances of becoming a hormonal problem and is thus very directly linked with menstrual cycles. Hormonal acne can be much more serious to resolve since a disturbance in hormonal cycles can be directly linked with imbalance in menstrual cycle. These disturbances usually result in inflammatory acne or a severe case of comedonal acne and usually target teenage girls, going through puberty and women with reproductive complications. These problems are usually dealt with by dermatologists or by spironolactone that treats fluid retention-related problems in kidneys and relieves the kidney of extra pressure.

Acne is typically a sign of hormonal imbalance or stress. Giving more and better attention to your lifestyle to treat the root cause of acne is better than using potent drugs. Acne is an internal problem as much as it is an external problem and changing your lifestyle, hygiene habits and diet can be the key to solving this problem.

Rest And Sleep

Stress is the leading cause of acne so avoid letting stress from taking over for too long and de-stress regularly with a favorite hobby. Regular sleep for at least eight hours is also essential to avoid acne. Sleeping relaxes your body, kills stress and detoxifies your skin.

Eating And Drinking Habits

People who eat a lot of fatty or oily food are prone to acne, but eating vegetables, fruits and healthy proteins will give you the essential ingredients your body needs to facilitate the cleansing process. Avoid spicy foods since they have a strong acidic pH that goes directly into your cheeks and deposits itself as pimples. And drink eight glasses of water or more every day that you can.

Showers, Clean Clothes And Exercise

Showering kills bacteria, lowers oil production and clears skin debris and dead cells and ensures your skin remains free of dirt and grime which cause acne. Use gentle cleaners for fabric that is going to touch your skin because a strong fabric cleaner will dry up your skin and stimulate acne problems. Also avoid touching your face with your hands since you can transfer germs to your skin. Exercise helps in endorphin secretion. These neurotransmitters reduce stress leading to reduced oil production in skin and sweating cleans out your skin cells. Exercising every day for 30 minutes will reduce your acne as well.

Paying attention to regular hygiene and making these lifestyle improvements will give you much better skin and a healthier body. Your body will also start to self-regulate its toxin production and lead to a much better skin pH resulting in a clearer and healthier looking skin.

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