Key Benefits Of Tamamira Oil

It can sometimes be confusing when researching oils and the various ways they can be used - if the oil itself comes from a very well-known entity but called a very different name. This is the case with tamamira oil which actually comes from the arugula plant that many people are familiar with. The oil is a seed oil and is extracted from the seeds of the plant. Due to its high level of drought resistance, the oil can be found and is especially popular in locations like Northern India, West Asia and Pakistan. This oil has many different uses, one as a traditional ingredient used in pickling. It is incredibly acrid and for this reason serves very specific purposes.

Skin Soother

If you tend to suffer from certain types of inflammation on your skin, whether from acne, skin irritation, eczema or psoriasis, using this as a skin oil can help. The chronic inflammation and discomfort that goes along with these types of ailments can be incredibly disconcerting. The amount of indole-3-carbinol and other components will help to mitigate the inflammation that you regularly deal with. Try diluting a bit of the oil in a jojoba or a coconut oil and apply it to the inflamed parts of your skin a couple of times a day.

Bone Health

Not only are the anti-inflammatory components of this oil great for the skin, they are also great for the bones. If you have a broken or strained bone, applying this oil topically will help to speed up the healing process. This can be tricky if you are wearing a cast but can be applied before or after it is taken off. The amount of vitamin K that is present in the oil is essential for bone health. This is also a good option for those who have osteoporosis or arthritis, as the bones are so often forgotten about as we are usually concerned with other things.

Hair Loss

If you are suffering from any type of hair loss, beyond the normal stray strands that everyone loses, you may want to ensure you get some taramira oil and start using it regularly. It has been shown to positively affect those who are dealing with balding and hair loss. Any type of hair loss can be downright devastating. Luckily, there are many different types of ways to prevent and even correct some of those occurrences. Add a couple of drops of taramira oil to your shampoo and after a couple weeks of consistent use you'll start to notice that you're losing less hair. You may also notice that your hair is growing in thicker than before. This works great for hair thinning.

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