Is Weight Loss Your New Years Resolution?

As the over-eating and drinking from the holidays draws to a close, many people will list diet, weight loss and exercise as their New Years resolutions. But, most will soon realize that staying with a diet and exercise plan is challenging especially if it involves losing unwanted inches.

Personal trainer Kisar Dhillon offers some extra tips to conquer those resolutions.

Plan A Course Of Action

If every goal is approached with a shoot from the hip mentality, then a person is setting themselves up for failure. In order to stand a chance Plan the work and work the plan.

Announce Your Goal

Tell five people the goals that are going to be achieved, but they are going to ask, remind and care if they are being achieved or not! If these individuals are let down because the goals that are set forth are not achieved, they will not only be disappointed, but integrity is on the line. These are the types of supporters that should be in everyones corner. Integrity is everything so put it all on the line, because if a person really wants to make it happen, it will come to fruition!

Set The Action In Motion

If no action is taken, then nothing is going to happen. Have the intention to make it happen and the mechanism will follow!

Surrender To The Process

If it is a health and fitness goal, then surrendering to the process is the best thing any person can do. When surrendering is done, a person is letting a personal trainer or fitness professional know that they are here to take it to the next level and help is needed.

Enjoy The Experience

Have fun with the entire process because it is not only a learning experience, but the lessons learned can be applied to all areas of a persons life.

Making goals and resolutions are a lot of fun. It gives a person the opportunity to live outside of their comfort zone and rise up to the challenge. When the challenges get too risky, it is always okay to seek the advice and counseling of a professional. Just because someone hires a personal trainer does not necessarily mean they are giving up. If a person can identify where help is needed and they know how to improve, then they are already ahead of the game.

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