How To Tell What's Really Making You Sick

Many people suffer from what doctors call non-specific symptoms, and often find no relief from them because those same doctors look past the problems, or are performing the wrong tests altogether. Some such symptoms include frequent colds, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and more. The problem is that most of the widely used medical tests are too broad, and the doctors who perform them are frequently quick to mark them down as mental health issues. Truth be told, there are some simple tests and evaluations that can shed a great deal of light on whats causing your problems.


For many people, the root cause of such mystery symptoms are entirely treatable issues, or more often nutritional deficiencies. Standard blood tests can pick up on deficiencies of certain things like iron, but they miss a wide range of things that could lead to the aforementioned problems. Even if your personal nutrient levels are in the normal range, that doesnt mean its normal for you. All of us being unique individuals, some of use require different amounts of certain nutrients. There are tests and evaluations that can pinpoint personal requirements, so be sure to ask your doctor about them.


In addition to fatigue and sleep problems, vitamin deficiencies can also lead to mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Most conventional doctors look at averages in blood tests, but its not at all uncommon for people to have such symptoms when levels are above the range where problems generally begin to occur. The good news is that most imbalances or deficiencies can be treated with dietary changes or supplementation. One thing to keep in mind is that if you frequently suffer from heartburn and take medication that suppresses stomach acids, its very common to have nutritional deficiencies. These medications can often impair your ability to absorb certain vitamins.


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