How to Align Teeth Minus The Metal And Wire Braces For A Perfect Smile

A perfect smile is an attractive smile. But then some may be hiding their smile due to common teeth problems such as crowding and widely spaced teeth. Properly aligned teeth make you aesthetically look good and have an overall impact on your dental health as well. 1. Healthy gums and healthy teeth. Crowded teeth may lead to swollen and red gums and related dental diseases such as periodontitis. Proper teeth alignment will provide your mouth and gums more security against these dental problems and diseases. 2. Easy to clean. When your teeth are crowding, you may be unable to clean your mouth fully. Bacteria may lurk somewhere between your teeth that cannot be reached by brush. Bacteria and plaque build-up may occur and will lead to more serious dental problems later. 3. Your teeth show who you are. Clean teeth will say a lot about you and how you take care of yourself. If you have clean teeth then it will be perceived that you are taking care of your health and not just your mouth. Bad dental health may result in serious repercussions later such as heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia and stroke. How To Remedy Your Imperfect Smile Misaligned, crowded and widely spaced teeth may result in an imperfect smile and there are several ways to remedy the problem such as braces and other orthodontics technology. While braces have been widely used all over the world, they can pose some discomfort in the process. Newer technology has paved the way to invisaligns. Like braces, Invisaligns are clear and removable teeth aligners that are worn in the mouth over the teeth. Why Invisalign Is Better Invisalign is an alternative to metal and wire braces and is a better option because it is invisible and clear and gives people the chance to go on as if there is nothing in their mouth - as opposed to the effect of braces. The procedure and the treatment are also effortless as it is a fast and efficient process. It also frees you from the other disadvantage of braces such us mouth soreness caused by the poking of wires and brackets from the metals. The modern process of Invisalign treatment makes use of 3-D technology wherein an X-ray is used to determine your teeth shape and structure. Based on the result, the Invisalign is structured and will be fit for you. The Invisalign is changed every two weeks wherein it will move the teeth for about 0.25 to 0.3 millimeters. Is Invisalign Safe? The technology makes use of e medical grade plastic that is both thin and non toxic and will not pose danger to its users. Only certain orthodontists are accredited to perform the Invisalign treatment plans. Invisalign is for you if you have minimum tooth overcrowding and mild to moderate overbite. If you have cross bite and other cases, then you will be advised to undergo the treatment. You also have to have healthy gums to be able to become a candidate for this too. Author Bio: Roselen Cooper is a biology student as well as a health and beauty blogger. Her focus is to help women live a healthier lifestyle and achieve their best possible look through her articles mostly inspired by health and beauty.

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