How Nutrition And Healthy Eating Are Essential For Any Weight Loss Program

Its no secret that two key factors have a huge impact on any weight loss program the number of calories that you consume and the number of calories that you burn off through an exercise routine.

While its certainly true that no weight loss program would be complete without accompanying exercise, were assuming that youve already planned out a routine, whether youre walking to work every day or visiting the gym during your lunch break. Instead, wed like to take a look at nutrition.

Diets often fail because the dieter attempts to cut drastically down on calories, lasting for several days or for a week and then giving up and returning to their earlier lifestyle. Healthy eating is not about trying to consume as few calories as possible a healthy diet goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, and its important to train yourself to plan ahead and to make smarter choices.

For example, by cutting out added sugar from hot and sweetened drinks, you can reduce your calorie intake by a drastic amount, and its much better for you, too. Added sugar makes up 16% of the average Americans total calorie intake, meaning that an adult male ingesting the recommended 2,500 calories will swallow 400 of those calories from sugar, each and every day.

In theory, 3,500 calories equals a pound of body weight, and the average American male swallows 2,800 calories a week in sugar alone. Assuming that your weight generally remains steady, its theoretically possible to lose just under a pound per week just by cutting down on sugar.

Instead of reaching for chocolate bars and fizzy drinks, why not consider a piece of fruit and a glass of water? Its worth mentioning that snacking can have a huge impact on your waistline if left unchecked, so try to pick healthier snacks like hummus and carrot sticks, a banana or a low-fat yogurt. Snacking on organic fruit and vegetables is a great way to avoid reaching for calorific bags of crisps or chocolate bars that are rich with fat and additives, and theyll help you eat the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

In an ideal diet, youll eat a healthy breakfast and a light lunch, with a hearty dinner served with vegetables in this instance, you should be able to get through the day without needing to snack excessively. Combine this with some light exercise such as a walk or a cycle, and youll quickly notice a difference not just in your weight but also in your overall level of health and fitness.

Do you eat a balanced diet? What healthy snacks do you indulge in to keep yourself going between meals? Let us know with a comment!

Author Bio:

Denis Mecklenburg is the founder and director of PhysioActive, a Singaporean physiotherapy clinic. When hes not treating sporting injuries, he can usually be found on the tennis court or the football field.

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