High Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury, Embalming Fluid

You know that things are bad in the world of nutrition when food manufacturers have to tout that products are made with real sugar so highly. When soda companies make special batches of their products and market them as nostalgic just because they have real ingredients, you should really wonder what things have come to. Go down any random aisle in your local supermarket and youll likely find more items containing high fructose corn syrup than those that dont. Its a manufacturers dream due to how easy to obtain and how cheap it is. Its also a nightmare, being blamed for spikes in obesity and type 2 diabetes. If that wasnt bad enough, the manufacturing process brings in some other ingredients that are way more questionable than the final product itself.


The process used to turn corn to corn starch, and then finally into high fructose corn syrup is something out of a mad scientists recipe book. Multiple toxic chemicals are used, and one of them has other applications such as sterilizing medical equipment and treating water systems because it kills living cells. Glutaraldehyde is also used as an embalming chemical, and according to the CDC it causes eye, nose, throat, and lung irritation. The chemicals material safety data sheet even explains that if ingested it could actually burn a hole in your stomach.


Some of the other chemicals used in this process actually bring mercury into the mix, which is highly toxic on its own. A 2009 Study found that up to half of the food products containing high fructose corn syrup that are currently being sold were positive for mercury contamination. It was so bad that researchers estimated the average American could easily ingest more than five times the maximum recommended amount of mercury within a year.


The moral of this story is read carefully. There are plenty of food items that you would never think to contain artificial sweeteners that actually do. It may be more expensive to avoid these products, but youll likely be around much longer to enjoy them if you do.



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